Give your wall a fashionable facelift with these tiles

OCT 21, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Over the last decade and half, FCML inevitably, peacefully established itself as the quintessential luxury lifestyle brand. Adding another dimension to their creations par excellence is FCML’s Design Initiative (FCDI) that seeks to encourage collaborations with creatives from a myriad streams like art, architecture, fashion, photography and visual arts.
FCDI’s latest endeavour, The Incidental Collection, is between FCML Surfaces and fashion world’s first benchers JJ Valaya, David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore of Abraham & Thakore and Aneeth Arora of pero, who have each designed three series of tiles. Disclosing the reason behind the collaboration, Abhinav Khandelwal, Managing Director, FCML said, “We have always strived to innovate and noticed that even designers are trying to break new grounds. Instantly, we wanted to start a project that was serious, retail oriented and brought in consumer experience. We found tiles to be the right medium to do it and got these aces to start working with us to develop a story.” Furthermore, Poonam Gupta Director, FCML Surfaces added, “We were not happy being just traders and wanted to add value by offering more decorative options to patrons. After five years of research, we realised that there’s so much you can do by combining different techniques.”
Bold colours, vivid motifs and intricate artwork come together in the tiles to bear a testament to the respective designer’s imitable style. While every collection is unique, here we tell you how to bring a trendy element to your wall with each designer’s offering:
1. Banish the banal: Opt for JJ Valaya’s Gulistan line that is as dramatic as his fashion oeuvres to resuscitate bleached walls. “Each of the three series has references of Moghul flowers and miniatures. We played with these key influences to create three distinct dramatic lines that have the same story running through it,” the couturier adds. You can bring home a serene sense of fresh foliage by incorporating these tiles on the entire wall or random pieces combined with neutral hues.
2. Add the art of writing: Choose from Love & Peace collection by David and Rakesh that culminates different imaginative synergies through words like love, peace, calm, pure etc. imprinted on tiles. Over the years the duo has experimented with different interpretations of calligraphy in embroidery, woven it in brocade, Ikat etc., “so it seemed a natural fit for the tiles from Love & Peace too. Most of our home furnishings are monochromatic so we visualised a space where if you had an A&T bed cover these tiles, it would be very homogenous,” shares David. Their Architectural Patchwork range is based on the jail pattern and Green collection that borrows from the leaf print; another great way to go the green mile.
3. Stretch your “textile” fingers: Style a swanky wall with Aneeth’s Stories on Telia Rumal series that reflects a heart motif. The layout of the tiles is divided into blocks, “where each of the nine motifs is one tile,” she cites. Her Vintage Garden range is inspired from botanical paintings of Pierre Joseph Redoute. Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces series draws from the anchient Japanese practice of restoring a damaged piece and turning it into something beautiful. This line is seeks inspiration from the classics to make way for chic, colourful interiors.
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