Get on board with the Voyage collection by Atmosphere

SEP 8, 2017 | By Sneha Ullal Goel
L-R: Guest stylist Aneeth Arora, founder of Pero; The moodboard for her collaboration; The moodboard for her collaborative collection; Guest stylist Kavita Bhartia from the Ogaan Boutiques; Akanksha Himatsingka, MD, Himatsingka Wovens Pvt Ltd.
Akanksha Himatsingka, MD, Himatsingka Wovens Pvt Ltd gives us a peek into the mood boards, design inspirations and names behind the brand new Voyage collection by Atmosphere.
Little seed of thought
The idea behind Voyage came from a simple question: “Why not revolve an extensive collection around journeys!” Once the theme was established, we contemplated further and questioned its meaning. The Himatsingka Design Studio set out on a quest. We thought of what a voyage meant to each of us, and began explorations of this concept. A visual mood board was created with various interpretations of journeying through spaces, emotions, experiences and life.
Ardous Process
We then proceeded to identify beautiful textiles and compositions that would work well with the concept. Once we edited the fabric designs that we liked, we experimented with weave structures and blanketing of colours. The latter involves a shade direction, followed by creating each cloth in various hues, and then finally selecting the colours that make it to the market. Constant editing was crucial, which whittled the number of curated styles down to 40. Our team used the associations they came up with to fuel their inspiration and contribute fun, whimsical elements, highlighting the storytelling qualities of the textiles. The tones are earthy, blue…common hues that instantly relate with travel.
Tale-Worthy Names
When you do narrative filled collections and label it aptly, it establishes an emotional connect. We wanted each title to reflect our everyday vocabulary. For instance, when we imagined the material with the ship motif on a marbled ground, we spontaneously called it “Passage to India”, because it also romances our idea of “Made in India”. A textile with car patterns called “Retro Metro” doesn’t just remind you of your childhood, but its rhyming quality makes it catchy and memorable too. Another easy favourite is the one with cartography prints that we simply had to call “North South East West”.
Creative Collaborations
For the styling of the Voyage campaign, we roped in two deign personalities who best complement the fabrics. Aneeth Arora of fashion brand Pero, believes that the intricately woven collection of textiles “mirrors my love for detail and storytelling.” For her campaign shot, Kavita Bhartia, who runs the renowned boutique Ogaan, wore the Many Horizons textile from the collection as a garment – her shot was specially styled and photographed at Ogaan’s Malcha Marg store in New Delhi.
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