Get On Board: Decorate a bare wall in five minutes

SEP 3, 2015 | By Tasneem Merchant
Decorate a bare wall in five minutes

Is a plain partition in your home staring back at you like a blank canvas? Take this as a good opportunity to turn it into a corner to hang souvenirs or memorabilia. Follow these three quick ideas to create an efficient nook.

1. Hold On: Get your hands on some stick-on pegs to attach to the wall. Tie colourful ropes between the pegs – go straight or zigzag for a cool crisscross. Make sure the knots are firm and the rope is taut to prevent it from slacking.

2. Hanging by a Thread: You can create a layered look by using pieces of shaded or patterned ribbons, tying them to the articles and suspending them from the lines. You can also use clothes pins to hang scissors, notes and recipes.

3. Herb Your Enthusiasm: If you have a green thumb, you can utilise this space to stash your own hand grown herbs. Simply use waterproof pouches as planters and hang them from the ropes and voila – you’re all set to reap the fruits of your labour.