Gayatri Gunjal of YellowSub Studio creates a tranquil and modern abode in Chennai

AUG 24, 2020 | By Krisha Godani
The uppermost level of the home features a bar in the entertainment room; Photographs by R Manimaran
A Pallissandro Azzurro dining table is paired with plush Armani dining chairs; Photographs by R Manimaran
View of the landscaped, outdoor deck; Photographs by R Manimaran
The ante-space is an ensemble of old and new, brought together with exquisite wood carved pieces and a classy marble clad backdrop; Photographs by R Manimaran
View of the study on the second floor; Photographs by R Manimaran
One of the son's bedrooms is bathed in blue; Photographs by R Manimaran
A subtle colour palette with blush pink tones takes over the master suite; Photographs by R Manimaran
Heavy grey curtains are complemented by subtle rosy tones of the ottoman and rugs; Photographs by R Manimaran
An internally lit wardrobe is seen in the guest bedroom; Photographs by R Manimaran
A work by Mohammed Osman dominates the double-heighted living room; Photographs by R Manimaran
The pristine kitchen also includes an extended island; Photographs by R Manimaran
The cooking area is sparsely designed for a clean and sophisticated look; Photographs by R Manimaran
The entertainment room on the third floor is the crown jewel of this exquisite abode; Photographs by R Manimaran

This 7,300 sq ft home is built on an ancestral plot such that it serves as a tranquil and modern abode for a family of six. Gayatri Gunjal, head designer at YellowSub Studio, created this luxurious oasis in Chennai to suit the lifestyle, expectations and requirements of the homeowners

“Being a real estate developer himself, the client’s brief entailed the importance of a contemporary living atmosphere, which breaks away from the otherwise traditional lifestyle of his family,” says Gunjal.

Since the plot has been surrounded mostly by buildings with little scope for outdoor intervention, a significant amount of attention was paid to optimising the volumes within. The three storeyed home is divided equally, honing to the family’s structure and their personal needs.

Custom designed sofa and lounge seating is seen in the entertainment room; Photographs by R Manimaran

A minimally landscaped driveway pronounces the entrance of the house and leads to a lavish lift lobby. The ground floor comprises the parking area and the utilitarian spaces. Upstairs, the double-heighted first floor hosts a living room, dining area and a large kitchen, a powder room, parent’s bedroom, and the guest bedroom. 

A bespoke chandelier illuminates the neutral living room with pops of blue; Photographs by R Manimaran

On the second floor, a sparse ante-space overlooking the living room below, leads to the private chambers of the client and his two sons, a private study and the prayer room. The master bedroom includes a huge bathroom along with a walk-in wardrobe. Likewise, two large bedrooms with ensuite facilities are handsomely designed for the sons. 

Each of the bathrooms on the second floor features textured materials; Photographs by R Manimaran

The top floor—the crown jewel of the house—is rightfully named. Here lies an entertainment zone complete with a state of the art sound system, a full bar, a gym and a game zone that opens out to a semi-alfresco outdoor landscaped deck. A minimal floating staircase with an almost sculptural built ties this level with all others.

The guest bedroom features a backlit marble backdrop; Photographs by R Manimaran

Gunjal ensures that each room is created to provide its occupant the best possible setting. Therefore, no singular theme is seen throughout the house. However, the material palette evidently becomes the binding hero of the space with a sense of understated opulence. 

This sculptural staircase is fabricated in metal, clad in marble and paired with a glass and wooden railing; Photographs by R Manimaran

A soothing combination of Statuario marble tiles from Fiandre, Spanish wood finished tiles, Volkas marble and Calcutta tiles is used throughout the house and paired with deep walnut and ebony finished panels. A dull, metallic brushed, gold finish runs like a binding thread across the three levels.

A fuchsia seater brightens up this otherwise monochromatic bedroom; Photographs by R Manimaran

A neutral colour palette of English greys is predominant with pops of maroon, blush, blues and bold yellows—all of which add character to the space. Numerous plants placed inside the home offer a refreshing respite with their lush hues.

Plush materials—from the marble walls, wooden floors to bedding—make bedrooms the ultimate hideaway; Photographs by R Manimaran

The seamless manner in which the entire house comes together with a bespoke language of its function and inhabitants becomes the highlight of this posh, urban-chic, luxurious haven.

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One of the son’s bedrooms is bathed in various shades of blue; Photographs by R Manimaran


View of the double-heighted living room from the second level; Photographs by R Manimaran