Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil of unTAG Architecture & Interiors curate this extensional apartment as ‘A Tropical Paradise’

JUL 2, 2021 | By Saloni Rege
The voluminous and lavish lounge features Alankaram sofa, customised bespoke centre table, floor lamp and wall light by The White Teak Company, carpet by The Rug Republic, Indecrafts' side table and planters by Nicobar and Mora Taara; Photographs by Photographix India
In the lounge area's audio-visual zone, a wooden false-ceiling is integrated with Hybec lights. The space uses a unique Pepperfry floor lamp, curtains by The Threads, customised AV unit, carpet by The Rug Republic, Devialet speaker system and acoustic panelling; Photographs by Photographix India
Another view of the entertainment space in the lounge showcases a Poltrona Frau couch, customised centre table, Alankaram chairs and pouffe, Fleck planter, Atomsberg fan and a corner floor lamp by The White Teak Company; Photographs by Photographix India
Seen in the gathering space of the lounge are Alankaram sofas and bar chairs, Squarefoot flooring, JJ Art Gallery wall artwork and picture light by The White Teak Company; Photographs by Photographix India
The home office is spruced up by a Poltrona Frau desk chair, a customised desk, wall artworks by Pyaarnation, a Pepperfry accent chair, Indianteak side table plus lamp, blinds by The Threads and table lamp as well as floor lamp by The White Teak Company; Photographs by Photographix India
A mint green hued guest room displays wooden fluted bed back, Limocoat wall finish, pendant lights by The White Teak Company, curtains by The Threads, Mora Taara planter and knobs by IndianShelf; Photographs by Photographix India
Corner wall artworks by Pyaarnation are paired with Alankaram desk and chair and Pepperfry bed, lamp and mirror to decorate the celestial blue guest room; Photographs by Photographix India

Conceptualised as an extension to an existing residential apartment in Ahmedabad, this abode coined ‘A Tropical Paradise’ renders warmth and a biophilic essence. Designed by Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil of unTAG Architecture & Interiors, the house encompasses two guest bedrooms, a lavish entertainment area and a home lounge with an office as an addition of spaces to its next-door unit.

Wrapped in organic undertones and materials, the 1,800 sq ft apartment is crafted to act as a relaxing dwelling in nature. The overall aesthetic aims at an indoor space that rejuvenates the inhabitants through a metaphorical visual connect with the surroundings.

“The client brief was simple and straightforward. They wanted the ambience of a home lounge to host family and friends over large as well as intimate gatherings,” shares Satam, co-founder and studio head of unTAG Architecture & Interiors.

View of the main lounge from the vestibule features Alankaram sofa, Indecrafts’ side table, carpet by The Rug Republic, floor lamp and wall light by The White Teak Company, planters from Mora Taara and Nicobar and artwork from JJ Art Gallery; Photographs by Photographix India

Upon entering the apartment, a small vestibule comes in sight, dressed in a white and black floor and IPS finished walls with a screen that separates it from the main lounge. The capacious primary entertainment space is consciously curated with hues and materials of a tropical rain forest—emerald greens and teak wood, imparting an arresting visual as well as a calming vibe.

In the home office, a Poltrona Frau chair is paired with a customised wooden desk. The space uses pendant light by The White Teak Company, wooden flooring by Squarefoot, blinds by The Threads, Limocoat wall finish and IndianShelf handles; Photographs by Photographix India

The layout of the lounge bifurcates into two kinds of seatings, one that serves as a setting for an audio-visual space with acoustic treatments and the other one as a low casual seating flanked by the adjacent bar. The bar, otherwise a hidden cavern, unfolds itself while entertaining friends, reflecting the entire space through its mirrored panels.

A Blue Loft sofa, coffee table by N Square Studio, Fleck planter, Limocoat wall finish, The Rug Republic floor covering and artworks by Bhavika Mehta adorn the home office; Photographs by Photographix India

An emerging inevitable need of working from home is acknowledged by a home office, which is doused in a vintage charm that’s achieved majorly in salvaged teak wood panels and complemented by hints of beige through lime plastered walls. Additionally, a selection of crisp furniture recreates the old-school genre of a 1970’s office space.

The vestibule that leads to one of the guest rooms uses a Limocoat wall finish, artworks by Saffron Wiehl and Studio Arpora as well as planters from Mora Taara and Nicobar; Photographs by Photographix India

“The main lounge was the most tricky space to design, as it needed to be celebrating as well as calming. It demanded the accommodation of various moods from entertaining friends to having private conversations to watching a movie on a widescreen, alongside a glass of wine. The theme had to be a mixture of dark tones and subtle decor,” reveals Patil, c0-founder and studio head.

One of the guest room showcases a cosy bed, table lamp and mirror by Pepperfry, a desk and chair by Alankaram, corner artworks by Pyaarnation, Indesquare side table and a reflected Tesoro artwork; Photographs by Photographix India

Taking cues from nature, a palette of greens, blues and browns paint the interiors of the house and are accentuated with occasional colour pops. Wood as an element has been extensively used throughout the residence and unifies all its spaces together. One of the guest rooms is embellished in celestial blue hue and houses modish furniture, a chic circular mirror and a fabric bed with a cushy, high headboard.

A mint green guest room uses duco shutters, Limocoat wall finish, pendant light by The White Teak Company, knobs by IndianShelf, Mora Taara side table planter, Nicobar desk planter, Squarefoot wooden flooring and Alankaram chair; Photographs by Photographix India

A shade of mint green engulfs another guest room that radiates serenity. A vertical piping headboard in pristine white colour is bedecked with a fluted wood panelling back that extends to border a platform bed. Emanating a cosy vibe, the bedroom personifies a minimalist haven of respite.

The powder room uses an ornate mirror, Kohler basin and faucet; Photographs by Photographix India

In stark contrast with the rest of the house, is a powder room that’s splashed with bold hues and dynamic patterns. Realised as a pompous little cave of fuchsia with black and white chevron-styled floor and wall tiles, the space transcends the users into a parallel world temporarily.

Decked with wall light from The White Teak Company and JJ Art Gallery artwork, the powder room displays vibrancy; Photographs by Photographix India

“The primary intent of the project was to keep it simple yet opulent. Exemplifying this idea perfectly is the home lounge! Although all the spaces have been weaved together in harmony, each room has its distinct character. We even chose the artworks carefully such that they align with prints from the nature. In case of this particular project, we were given a specific budget to craft lavish zones. So, economic sustainability has been achieved by making the project cost-efficient,” share the designers.

While creating a sense of luxury through minimal interventions, the apartment maximises the user experience. And the best part is that the designers have promoted Indian brands thereby supporting small, talented businesses.