Futuristic Finds: 15 best gadgets of 2015

DEC 15, 2015 | By Aditi Gaitonde

Tech lovers and gadget geeks will be mighty pleased. Pump up your gizmo IQ with our round-up of hot finds that will turn your home into high-tech haven.
1. Corian® charging surfaceTable tops will never be the same again. DuPont Building Innovations recently launched Corian® Charging Surface that powers your smart device without cables or plugs of any kind. So, cut the cord and simply connect the receiver ring or charging case to your phone, place it on the counter and watch it juice up.Website: Ray-S loudspeakerIt’s time to pump up the volume. With a form inspired by the iconic Eames lounge chair, the Ray-S is a unique loudspeaker by Danish brand Davone that is handcrafted to perfection. We simply love that it is big on style and engineering.Website:
3. Phree digital penWho needs paper when you can write on just about any surface! From marble and fabric to skin and wood – absolutely nothing can stand in the way of Phree, the mobile input device…or simply put, a digital pen. Its optical tracking engine measures your hand movements and renders the imagery on your phone or laptop screen. Website: www.otmtech.com4. iPhone dock by Jarre TechnologiesJarre Technologies took man’s best friend and taught it a new trick. We love how Jean Michel Jarre envisioned a sunnies wearing seated bulldog as an iPhone dock and Bluetooth speaker. Available in black, red and white.Website:
5. Taylor headphonesHang on to this pair of Taylor headphones that can easily pass off as a trendy fashion accessory. From We Are Frends, the rose gold over-the-ear sound aids are attached to supple white leather straps. It also has a three button in-line microphone and controller for switching between songs and calls. We’re bobbing our heads in approval. Website: 6. Porcelain speakers by Augarten PorzellanVienna based Augarten Porzellan joined forces with Mo°Sound to create what arguably might be the first ever porcelain speaker. A technical feat, the gadget is shaped like a perfect sphere to allow sound waves to reflect off the inner wall with zero interference. Website: www.augarten.at7. Ikea’s chargeable furniture Wave goodbye to those ugly, messy wires with Ikea’s newest range of furniture with built-in charging spots. The Danish brand’s latest innovation sees Scandinavian style lamps and tables to let you juice up your mobile phone by simply placing it on its plus sign Qi pad. We’re positively in love!Website: www.ikea.com8. Ovo iPhone amplifier Here’s the real rock star. This unassuming contraption by Monitillo Marmi is an iPhone passive amplifier made from Carrara marble, designed by May Day Design and Andrea Maldifassi. Affix your phone in the slot and hear it thunder. Website: www.monitillomarmi.it9. Helsinki loudspeakerSmall enough to carry around like a handbag, Vifa’s Helsinki is a loudspeaker with sass. Created with special water repellant textile covers from Kvadrat in impressive colours, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which liberates you from pesky unseemly wires.Website: www.vifa.dk10. Dolfi Easily confused with a bar of soap, Dolfi is a portable electronic washing machine. Makers claim it uses powerful ultraviolet sound waves that create strong water jets to wash dirt away from the fabric. Perfect for frequent flyers and laundry loathers. Website: 11. The Barisieur by Joshua RenoufJoshua Renouf took the idiom “wake up and smell the coffee” literally and devised his newest invention, The Barisieur – an alarm clock that makes you a piping hot cuppa joe. Resembling an apparatus that you may find in a science lab, this gadget gives us a reason to rise bright and early. Website: www.joshrenoufdesign.com12. JiboShort, stout and blinks a lot – Jibo looks like a character straight out of Pixar’s Wall-E. When you get home from work, he recognises and greets you, orders your usual takeout when told and reads out your messages, all by having a simple and pleasant conversation. He can see, hear, speak and learn. He even takes pictures with natural cues like movement or speech as well as reads stories to your kids, complete with sound effects and graphics. Touted as the world’s first family robot, the brainchild of MIT robotic expert Cynthia Breazeal, he is now available on pre-order to be released in early 2016. We can’t wait! Website: 13. Phantom 2 Vision+DJI’s newest release lets you film a legendary party without missing out on all the merrymaking. Behold the Phantom 2 Vision+, the world’s first flying HD camera which has the ability to fly automatically on a preset GPS path.Website: 14. Berlin Boombox With the festive season in full swing, go old school with this ‘80s ghetto blaster inspired contraption. The Berlin Boombox is a mobile speaker envisioned by German designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender. Made of cardboard and a few electronic parts, it comes as a flat packed DIY kit which you can easily assemble in a few fun filled minutes. Website: www.berlinboombox.com15. Smart Herb GardenThe Smart Herb Garden has three refillable cartridges, so that you can cultivate a variety of herbs. Just plug in the device and its sensors take care of the nutrients and water needed for the saplings to thrive based on its vitals. Using “innovative NASA inspired technology” it ensures that the plant grows faster. Website: