From reel to real, Dhaval Patel brings to life the Hollywood dream with this extravagant and tasteful outhouse

APR 29, 2021 | By Kavya Joshi
Panoramic windows allow natural light in, illuminating the modern interiors; Photographs by Photographix
Light, linen curtains with convenient blackout rollers accentuate the organic vibe; Photographs by Photographix
The outhouse follows a simple aesthetic with the help of an open plan, clean lines, minimal clutter and a neutral colour palette; Photographs by Photographix
Furniture pieces from Hanuzzi are used in the seating area; Photographs by Photographix
A printed wallpaper with doodles is used in the bathroom; Photographs by Photographix

This 1,000 sq ft outhouse in Ahmedabad by Dhaval Patel of DPA Design Studio is pure bliss! Its light and open-plan living space merges the indoor and outdoor, creating a refreshing spatial relationship throughout. 

Since the homeowner asked for this outhouse in the same premises as his residence to entertain large gatherings, Patel went on to create a relaxed but stylish ambience of openness with club-like amenities. 

Panoramic windows allow natural light in, which illuminates this intimate and minimalist sanctuary. The lush landscape makes for a perfect view and the entire outhouse embraces a classy, Hollywood-style look and feel. 

A trendy layout with plush grey seaters are seen in the main space; Photographs by Photographix

Patel established a signature contemporary look using a neutral colour palette, open-floor plans, clean lines and minimal clutter.

This unique bar is where friends and family get-together; Photographs by Photographix

The outhouse’s theme is reflected in the material palette, which is centred around natural resources. Copious use of wood, glass and multiple stones enhances the value of organic materials and lends a raw, timeless appeal. 

A 10-seater poker table is lit by a suspended ceiling light; Photographs by Photographix

A mix of elegant and artistic features are seen in the furniture pieces sourced from Hanuzzi in Ahmedabad. For an organic feel, light linen curtains with handy blackout rollers are used. Artistic artefacts, on the other hand, add a timeless charm. 

The pool table is one of the many club-like amenities in this outhouse; Photographs by Photographix

Rich, deep colours convey a sense of warmth in the bar and lounge. Here, indoor games such as the carom, pool and poker are often played. The entire outhouse is subtly lit and sets the mood for a low-key gathering. It’s no wonder then that Patel says, “The entire outhouse is drenched in simplistic and tranquil elements, and leaves visitors in awe.” 

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Comfortable chairs surround a carom board table; Photographs by Photographix


The unpretentious decor is given a playful edge with a quirky owl planter; Photographs by Photographix


View of the outhouse at dusk; Photographs by Photographix