Four design trends to watch out for in 2019

DEC 28, 2018 | By Aneesha Bhadri
Solid Quirk. Spare Ribbed. Anti Social. Maple Syrup.

From the smart and chic, to the edgy and undulating, the New Year’s designchalice is brimming with mirth and mindfulness. A sneak peek into the trends for 2019:

Solid QuirkRules are meant to be broken and this trend is the perfect embodiment of it. In 2019, we see a movement where an unorthodox design vocabulary, mismatched products, eccentric designs and stark colours come together.Maple SyrupRevel in this dramatic and evocative tone, which works across seasons. Bring home this Autumn hue that rests on luxury in the warm summers and also envelopes you in its warm cocoon during the wintry chills. Anti SocialBreaking down stereotypes and reinventing the principles of design as we know it is a millennial trend! Designer Italo Pertichini’s pieces celebrate this daring approach that balances the old and the new. Forget the now as you succumb to the warmth and security of these winged-back chairs, which hold the power to transport you to your own little paradise, re-affirming the new-age design ideology.Spare RibbedPart of the design vocabulary of the ’60s, these surfaces are making a strong comeback. They create intriguing spaces that have a three-dimensional quality. This dynamic surface works wonders to add depth to the decor and create a mood.To know about other emerging trends, pick up our December-January issue, which is on stands now!