Founder of KOS Studio, Svetlana Koleda opens the doors to her serene nature bound abode that’s styled with all her favourite things

JUL 6, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
Asti, the couple's pet dog, poses atop a white couch
Framed posters, patterned floor coverings and greens contrast against the monochromatic furniture
A curious, pig-shaped holder rests atop the coffee table and brings in a touch of playfulness
A stout white couch is flanked on either side by identical lamps in the living room

Instantly bowled over by visuals of this charming countryside abode nearly three years ago, Minsk based interior designer Svetlana Koleda fondly recalls what struck her most about the property to make it her present home. “Lithuanian architecture with floor to ceiling panoramic windows, ample and open lawns for grilling, and uncovered terraces for relaxing in the summer—these defining elements helped in choosing this space as a future homeground for my fiance, me and our dog Asti,” says the creative.

Koleda and her fiance christened it KOS House, which is Norwegian for ‘happiness at home’. The artistic couple spruced the home with objects that weren’t just attractive but also with those pieces that aged well, complemented the interiors and were imbued with meaning.

A modern, minimalistic artwork frames the elegant living area

Each brought with them a portion of their history and origin to the space, acting as precursors to a myriad of feelings and emotions. A few noteworthy and memorable works that don the residence include those of Isamu Noguchi, Marcel Wanders, Nika Zupanc and Studio Job.

Black rimmed glass windows offer views of the surrounding landscape

Unlike the iconic and somewhat exuberant pieces the 2,500 sq ft home contains, the wall and floor across the three storeys are left relatively modest and simple. Grey ceramogranite and oak flooring paired with neutral wall colours offer flexibility to revamp the interiors, update the decor and add new masterpieces.  

This minimal work desk is flanked by photographs, bookshelves and a refreshing desk plant

The residence has been divided such that each floor resonates with an inherent characteristic. On the lower level are the more social areas such as the kitchen, dining unit and living room, where one can retire to with a post-dinner beverage.

Indoor plants and multiple windows are seen across the residence, letting in nature and light alike

“Dutch elements certainly influenced by aesthetics… A starting point for the design of our dining area was a pink, oval shaped dining table by Studio Job from Moooi. Assembled without a single screw or bolt, and perhaps the only one of its kind in all of Belarus, it stands out for its unique papier mache fused tabletop,” divulges Koleda.

Laid out in a modular fashion, the living room seaters surround a geometric coffee table

The second floor, isolated from the rest of the residence by a sombre coloured corridor, features more intimate spaces and is clad in relaxing hues and plush textiles. Featuring a master bedroom, washroom and walk-in wardrobe along with a spare bedroom, the cosy arena decked with velvet furnishings ensures that all work is abandoned at its threshold.

A stylish, fold patterned chair marks one corner of the seating arrangement, near the staircase

Saving the best for the last, Koleda describes the uppermost level as the platform for all artistic pursuits. Inspiration for its design came from the poster of her Marmara Dreams album, her fiance’s music band. It is here that she comes up with some of her best work and finds herself to be most driven and productive.

A full moon shaped light sculpture by Isamu Noguchi hangs above the kitchen island

Bound by blue walls as “it is closest to the sky” and stacked with books, art collectibles and vinyls—brought back from travels and filled with memories and senses—the entire space is dedicated to stimulate creativity and experimentation. “Over time, this space will expand as we discover exciting new books and music to add to our growing collection,” concludes Koleda.

Floral artworks are seen across the home, even making their way into this cushy bedroom