Foo in Mumbai is creating a new vocabulary for Asian cuisine

OCT 1, 2018 | By Nitija Shastri
(L-R) Asian influence with a twist of modern decor in Foo;Faux cherry blossoms welcomes you upon entering the restaurant;The bar, burgundy seaters and illuminated door arches at Foo, Mumbai.

Asian tapas anyone? Head to Mumbai’s newly opened restaurant – Foo, for an intense binge-session of a Japanese- Peruvian delectable mix. Architect Sumessh Menon has crafted this stylish restaurant with a rustic-yet-contemporary Asian design. It is impossible to think of springtime Japan without an iconic image of a sea of cherry trees awash with perfect pink blooms instantly coming to mind. The sakura greets you right upon entering the swanky restaurant.

Turn your gaze slightly to the right, what instantly grabs your attention is the Abacus-style lights – made from crushed banana paper above the brightly lit bar. Take a quick walk around the space and you will notice wooden panels peppered with abstract carvings hanging on the whitewashed walls. Enchanted much? Don’t hold your breath. Walk further in, the second section of the restaurant exudes a much-relaxed vibe. The harsh play of materials finds a softer design language in this area – you will find, grey walls peppered with concrete accents, floral chairs, terrazzo cast flooring, and burgundy table tops – inviting intimate dinner parties and friendly chatters.
Pull a chair and brace yourself to experience one of the best gastronomical experience of your life. Vibrant plates of sushi, gobsmacking wasabi edamame dumplings, and well-crafted cocktails are the highlights of this Asian eatery. Chef Eric Sifu has created a versatile food platter right from small plates to tapas to satiate the inner glutton in you. The usual dim sum and sushi are given a face-lift with edible charcoal and butterfly pea on an impressive plating – which may have you reaching for your mobile phones for a quick click. Wash down your palette with the signature cocktails that the bar has to offer. As you sip on your saké and soak up the ambiance, you will notice the gorgeous grandeur of the space –the restored sawtooth roof, tied together with illuminated arches in the walls.
It is now time to bring your meal to a grand conclusion. Even if you’re on a strict no-sugar diet, give yourself a cheat day to sample the black sesame marble cheesecake. Another must-try is the nutty domed-sliced cake. If you have never experienced food coma, you will now.