Five captivating open-air museums that promise a larger than life experience

MAR 6, 2019 | By Sakshi Rai
(L-R) Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan;Goreme Open Air Museum, Turkey;Den Gamle By, Denmark;Laumeier Sculpture Park, Missouri;Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway.

We bring to you outdoor displays spread across vast open lands, that allow you to freely breathe, live and enjoy unconfined creativity and imagination…

Hakone Open Air Museum
Nestled between the quiet valleys and verdant hills of Japan, the capacious Hakone Open-air museum was created to allow free movement between nature and art. Perfect to visit in any season, the museum has on permanent display 120 masterpieces by famous contemporary sculptors, although the Piccaso collection remains its key attraction.

Ekeberg Sculpture Park
Beneath the breathtaking Norwegian skies lies the Ekeberg sculpture park. Spread across 25.5 acres of lush green, it is home to heritage works of masters such as Renoir and Rodin. Breaking away from the flat and masculine form it revolves around women as the focus subject and is also the exact spot where artist Edvard Munch was inspired to paint his famed Skriket (The Scream).
Den Gamle 
Opened in 1914 as the world’s first open-air museum, The Old Town in Aarhus, is built to create an illusion of town life complete with half-timbered structures for buildings, gardens, post office and museum staff impersonating the roles of town figures. An outdoor history class, the museum captures the evolution of Danish societies and architecture.
Goreme Open Air Museum
Built atop, a 2.6 million-year-old volcanic eruptions, the Goreme Museum in Turkey is a stunning architectural marvel of rock-cut churches, chapels and monasteries. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this museum is a treasure trove to some of the finest specimens of frescoes from the Byzantine era.
Laumeier Sculpture Park
Step into a sculptor’s haven amidst dense trees, as you stroll through modern installations that are well conceptualised, dramatic and often thought-provoking. Tucked away in the quaint city of Missouri, the collection includes over 60 exhibits, both temporary and permanent that are mostly themed on current trends and issues.