Fine Print: For an office in popping shades and patterns

SEP 1, 2015 | By Tasneem Merchant
Suzani rug from Uzbekistan; Ikat chairs and stoneware Illankai teacups from Good Earth

If the vanilla furniture in your workspace is making you drowsy, give it a new lease of life by upholstering them in playful prints.
Take for instance Good Earth CEO Simran Lal’s setup. An aged wooden table and several ikat chairs turned a bare corner into a lively meeting area. The innovative use of a Suzani rug as wall art brings a sense of relief to an otherwise white washed partition. The coexistence of outdoors and indoors balances the amount of calm and composure in this studio.
You can mix several types of patterns to make a kaleidoscopic home office – hot favourites right now are florals, geometric and the all-timer ikat. Don’t be afraid to juxtapose polka dots with stripes or any other prints that love to clash with each other.
When shopping, look out for antique rugs in muted hues that can form a quiet background to the frenzied decor.