Find indoor stepwells in the dreamy new Good Earth boutique

APR 4, 2018 | By Reecha Kulkarni
Indoor stepwells serve as displays for the platter of decor accessories at Good Earth. Spot Pichwai artwork, hand-painted forests and more within the various rooms. The Blue City is the main inspiration for the boutique store.

The life of a city is in its streets, but for Jodhpur, it’s underground. Exploring the Blue City by foot has its ups and downs – literally – with 18th century stepwells scattered within the red landscape. Good Earth India’s Moon House is an ode to the city’s heritage, located within the restored Toorji Stepwell. Partitioned by different inspirations, the charming boutique is a platter of décor collectibles and clothing within hand-painted forests, bold Art Deco flooring, pichwai artwork and indoor stepwells. We asked Rooshad Shroff, who designed the interiors of the store, for a tour of the various rooms: “The first room has a stepwell display, as do the jewellery niches on level one, which allow each plate (or accessory) to have its own place,” he says. “The Sufi Festival in Jodhpur was another source of inspiration. Inspired by Sufi dancers, we had 3 (Good Earth) skirts attached to motors to make them twirl, in the apparel room.”“Jodhpur was the starting point for the entire design language,” he proclaims.The haveli is a part of JDH, a restoration project that aims to revive the cultural scene in Jodhpur. Website: www.goodearth.inAlso read: Explore India’s awe-inspiring stepwells in this brilliant book