Ferelith by FURNICHEER is an unconventional confluence of colour and creativity

NOV 17, 2021 | By Ankita Rathod
Comfortable seating with a playful design language by Furnicheer studio defines the living area
The worship area adjacent to the dining room, comprises a bottom unit with two compartments and flip-down shutters to accommodate pooja essentials
A solid wood dining set for four is customised with seasoned kiln-dried solid wood and finished with yellow, pink and blue PU on the tabletop
This dining area exemplifies a true minimalistic and well put together space
A basil green and Tuscan Yellow wall mirror featuring hand printed serigraph, accentuates the aesthetics of the dining area
The unique closet in shades of blue and green renders maximum storage capacity
A clutter-free space is being narrated through the splendid design and form of this bedroom; Photographs by
This articulately designed bedroom evokes peace and comfort
The rustic woody essence of the door beautifully sets in sync with the richly patterned bedspread and cushions
A work desk and bookshelf adds value to the simplicity of this bedroom
A yellow solid wood shoe rack with twin ventilated trellis shutters, deck up the charming entrance
This compact bar unit, placed in the balcony is equipped with storage space in the door and flap tops that extend into a serving counter
Graceful hanging pots and planters adorn this balcony elegantly

Aptly christened Ferelith, a feminine Swedish name, the bespoke apartment in Mumbai plays host to unconventional ideas and design narratives. The 700 sq ft home designed by Ms Subhangi Vaidyanathan, founder, FURNICHEER encompasses a bohemian vibe with a strong sense of identity.

It was a serendipitous experience during the homeowners’ visit to FURNICHEER’s studio where the space inspired them to seek design expertise from Vaidyanathan for their new abode. Plans were set into action over numerous cups of tea as the designer took creative inputs from the family. 

The dining zone displays an elegant setup featuring a solid wood dining set for four

A reverie of colours and customised furniture, the home stays true to its homeowners personality. For this family of three, FURNICHEER has exquisitely designed a sofa, dubbed Zinnia, which is ergonomic, durable and  elegant. With seasoned kiln-dried solid wood and cushioned with branded medium density foam, the sofa offers comfort, strength and panache. 

The entrance to the kitchen exhibits an unconventional yet stylish design

Alongside edgy designs, FURNICHEER has adorned the furnishings at Ferelith with vibrant fabrics. As both the Delora chair in the living room and the chairs at the dining area are upholstered using  fuschia  and yellow solid and floral  fabrics, bringing forth playful energy to immerse in. 

The flooring, featuring multisized jagged edged tiles with epoxy grout, adds a rustic element to the otherwise refined kitchen

The kitchen was  a 6.5 ft aisle, with counters on either side that were narrowed by FURNICHEER to create additional space. The multisized flooring, enhanced with epoxy grout tiles adds a rustic element to the space which is otherwise classy balancing the best of both worlds.

This cosy and modish washroom, embellished with quirky tiles emanates a sweet intimacy

While the home has been rendered akin to a canvas that brings together multiple dispositions and characters, it also came with its set of challenges. Vaidyanathan has successfully assimilated individualities and preferences of every member of the family into the lovely home. With colours, patterns and textures intermingling at every nook and junction, this home transpires as a true reflection of its people.

The patterned flooring elevates the beauty of the white hued walls, soothing our vision and soul

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