Fendi opens an unconventional industrial themed cafe in Rome

JUN 30, 2017 | By Nishita Fiji
L-R: Various walls are covered with vertical gardens to create an oxygenated environment.
Photographs courtesy Fendi; Left: The long handcrafted tables by Italian design firm Controprogetto are made of recycled wood with a concrete base and a characteristic resin patch embellishing the edges. Right: Trees light fixture by design firm Bocci that resembles branches of a tree is in tandem with the cafe’s verdant theme.
You would imagine an eatery by Italian luxury fashion giant Fendi as an ultra glamorous zone with conventionally sophisticated elements. On the contrary, the brand took a contemporary route while putting together the restaurant and bar specially catering to employees, clients and guests. Located on the ground floor of the monumental Palazzo della Civilta Italiana in Rome, Fendi Caffe exudes an almost bistro-like vibe.
The space follows a natural colour palette of greys and browns, and is dotted with cosy seating options, artistic illuminators and splashes of greenery. The obvious highlights have to be the custom-made Flower Bottles by Japanese artist Azuma Makoto, hundreds of which can be found perched on various square wooden niches throughout the area.
“Shapes curved by nature can lead to new forms of beauty when you add a human touch,” explains Azuma about his intricate masterpieces. These make a strong case for the acute attention to detail the brand ensured within the brasserie’s interiors.
Website: www.fendi.com
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