Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani’s venture, Ahilia Homes, crafts a contemporary holiday dwelling on the rustic Goan backwaters

JAN 30, 2023 | By Nitija Shastri
The family room features inbuilt cabinets with dark veneer and swivel doors in closed louvres; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri

An unassuming contemporary house sits pretty, satiated with elements of diverse styles—there is country, an element of modernity, and a rustic blend of minimalism and jagged elegance. This cosy Goan holiday home, built for an industrious couple, is a fresh respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, they unwind, host soirées and bask in the warmth of the quiet morning sunshine that trickles through almost every corner of this private dwelling.

A few short steps inside and the neutral palette gives way to rich, earthy elements. The high ceiling and outlandish chandeliers in the otherwise somber decor grab the attention.

Sofa and accessories are from Marina and terrazzo-tiled flooring form Bharat Floorings; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri

“I think one requires certain pieces that are striking, everything can’t be dull and sober,” says Bindu Vadera of Ahilia Homes. The firm, helmed by Bollywood’s favourite couturier Tarun Tahiliani fashioned the glamorous yet earthy interiors of the home.

The brief was simple: “Classic, fine taste and a need for functional spaces that would fit a holiday home,” explains Tarun. To accentuate the rustic frames, rafters and chattai cladding line the extended roof in the living area. This opens up a splendid view of the infinity pool that reflects the bright sky, green lawns and backwaters—a mesmerising sight that soothes the mind and soul.

The dining room is elegant with a marble table and cane seaters; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri

The bedroom adorned in muted shades upholstered in neutral colours like cream, taupe, beige, biscuit, sand and invokes languour—leeching away stress, radiating peace.

A view of the living room; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri

As the sun sets over the horizon, a breathtaking scene unfolds. Coconut trees swaying in the breeze and the backwaters shimmering in the light of the dying sun. This is a home that is one with nature.

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A traditional four-poster bed with cream furnishing sits in the bedroom; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri


The monochromatic bathroom displays etched patterned tiles; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri


Distress frame mirror with fluted glass decorative wall scones from Marina; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri


Details on the fan; Photographs by Jignesh Jhaveri