Eye Openers: 8 installations that we loved at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2016

FEB 11, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

The annual art festival that’s going on till February 14, 2016 has so far been buzzing with excitement and energy with many workshops, artworks, performances and unconventional buys. Amid 52 installations – from eco-friendly and recyclable art to ones with thought provoking messages on prevalent social conditions – here are some favourites you should watch out for.
1. #AgainstLabels by Shaze IndiaConceptualised by Grey Worldwide, this interactive installation encourages us to let go of hurtful labels that each of us have encountered at least one in our lifetime. Designed for the fashion and decor e-commerce company, it urged passers-by to pick up words designed as tags and hang them on the tree, symbolising a way of moving on from past experiences and the use of such language in society. Website:
2. Mumbai Beyond by 3DwallaCrafted using advanced 3D printing technology, this installation that harnesses #Printsbeyondpaper celebrates the spirit of Mumbai past its pincodes. On the mode, one can see miniature iconic structures and symbols that capture the vibrant city – from Lower Parel’s commercial buildings to the historical significance of the Gateway Of IndiaWebsite:
3. Preserve or Perish Representing two sides of a rotating world, one preserved by humanity and one destroyed by our over-exploitation of natural resources, mural artist Vishal Daware forces us to confront the reality of polluting our planet. He urges us to save Mother Earth before it’s too late…Website:
4. Betrayed curated by Insia DariwalaDesigned by artist/sculptor Shreehari Bhosle for Insia Dariwali, founder of The Hands of Hope Foundation, the concept centres around growing number of child sexual abuse cases worldwide. It emphasises and displays the fact that sexually abused children are often targeted by people within their circle of trust.Website:
5. Warrior by Naval Dockyard Mumbai This artwork by the employees of Naval Dockyard Mumbai led by Supervisor of Systems Department, Sandeep Kawale is among the four installations built entirely out of junk ship scraps. The sculpture crafted by welding raw scrap materials, old pipes, steel rods, nuts and bolts depicts the fighting spirit of the Dockyard workforce. 6. Embark by Arjun Rathi for Pepe Jeans India Architect and designer Arjun Rathi’s installation presented as a series of Tetris building blocks, represents the origin of human endeavour that is energetic, willful and constantly pushes against the boundaries. It inspires us to journey beyond our mental limits and embrace the world of possibilities.Website:
7. Lungs Full of Life by Vikram Arora for NicotexThe visual installation was made with the idea of acknowledging the damage to one’s lungs from unhealthy life choices such as smoking; The verdant greens depict hale and hearty lungs full of life to reinforce the message of a smoke-free society. Website:

8. Love In Exchange by Sylvn Studio Team After the grueling Paris attacks that shook the world in the year 2015, the Eiffel Tower and Love Padlocks made of out of eco-friendly materials acts as a reminder to maintain hope and humnaity. It stands as an expression of connecting people through the medium of love. Website: www.sylvnstudio.inAlso read: Must-visit art exhibitions across India