Experience the future of workspaces with The Living Lab

JAN 11, 2019 | By Sara Shaikh
(L-R) Specially curated lighting in the pods for mindfulness and reflection; A view of the inside of one of the Regeneration Pods; The Living Lab; Photographs by Tom Donald for Aldworth James & Bond; Circadian task lights.

We are so used to uncomfortable workspaces and inconvenient work environments that the thought of going to work makes us grim. Mitie is changing this exact mindset with The Living Lab and making us believe in a better and brighter future for the working individual. The Living Lab, built on the 12th floor of the Shard building, is an experimental workspace where the impact of biophilic design is measured in terms of wellness and productivity.

Human physiology plays an important role in the design of the space as the lighting, materials, views and all the other components are modelled to mimic the natural world. DaeWha Kang Design in collaboration with Mitie along with educator, Dr Marcella Ucci understood the importance of rejuvenation in order to gain absolute productivity, which led to the creation of The Regeneration Pods. Their timed bell chimes provide the employees with just the right amount of downtime to freshen up and get back to their work schedule.

The comfortable, seaters and specially curated sound and lightscape make sure that these fifteen minutes beat the workday crunch – something to look forward to in every employee’s hectic day! The entire project embraces the concept of balance. The intricate bamboo enclosure opening up to the view of the vast blue sky strikes a perfect balance between privacy and exposure. A cactus garden surrounds the pods and gives a direct connection with living nature.

What’s a project without some constructive feedback? Each employee’s feedback on the success of the project is recorded regularly to improve the functionality of the design for future endeavours.