Every child will swoon over this Intense Ocean play corner

FEB 13, 2017 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
The ideal children’s rooms are colourful, practical and put style into play. This play corner in Asian Paint’s Colour of the Year 2017 Intense Ocean can add just the spark to liven up the kids room.
For a do-it-yourself play space that is not only smile inducing but also a lesson in good taste, follow our tips.
1. Create a fabric wall in Intense Ocean to add an interactive element to the area. We recommend placing a softboard over it and adding storage by pasting or stitching pockets of various sizes. You can start with a printed textile as the background followed with a solid one over it and lastly materials for pockets in a contrasting shade. The softboard will allow the kids to pin up pictures, notes etc.
2. Add a storage unit for the kids to stow their games and knick knacks. A simple colour coordinated unit with alternating Intense Ocean drawers can brighten up the corner and is ideal to put aside stray playthings.
3. For a quirky touch, use the basketball hoop for storing shoes, towels and water bottles. This is a unique way to add a sporty aspect to the room.
Get this look
Floral polyester blend, plain polyester blend, striped polyester blend and acrylic carpet; all fabricated by Seasons Club Class
Cotton cap from Reebok
Note books, hair brush, metal box with lacquer finish and soft toy from Lola’s World
Wrapping paper and paint brushes from Rio Grande
Organza ribbons from The Prakash Collection
Towel and baseball rug from Bibs and Cribs
Candy from Ego Yum n Yumi
Colour pencils and journal from Gifts of Love
Bubble jug from Morning Store
Leather and glass watch from Esprit
Carbon graphite tennis racket and balls from Planet Sports
Colour pencils from Big Jo’s
Plastic and steel basketball hoop and soccer balls from Grand Slam
Sneakers and polymide beach bag from Puma Store
Towels from Spaces
Deodorants from Lily General Store
Pine wood chest of drawers from Kidstuff
Cotton runner fabricated by Ambrossia
Gift wrapping paper from Archies
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