Esha Pandya Choksi and Aashni Kumar tailor Studio Flamingo with a fusion of tactile design and biophilic elements

JUN 3, 2021 | By Vedika Nair
A Live Edge wooden workstation with MS Legs, custom designed by Studio Flamingo is seen here; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant
A reception desk, custom designed by Studio Flamingo dressed in statuario marble from The Quarry, standing against a black carved stone canvas, flanked by tress on either sides; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant
The open office workstation area of the office is immersed in natural light and interspersed with greenery; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant
The conference room features custom designed tables by Studio Flamingo. The top is finished in a solid surface material, Corian by DuPont with a veneer base finish; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant
A material cum book library housed with a media scape, enables the addressing of a large group in a community format to carry out training sessions and workshops at the studio; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant
A custom designed desk by Studio Flamingo, finished in a combination of high gloss and matt PU coating, juxtaposed against a rustic stone mosaic wall, handcrafted by traditional stone workers from Rajasthan. The desk serves a fully functional purpose, equipped to operate as a traditional desk when required, and fold away to create empty floor space for the user of the cabin, who wants the flexibility to be seated on the floor to work and sketch from time to time. Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

“As we embarked on what is possibly one of our most personal design journeys, we thoroughly fleshed out our design intent: While functionality never empties the numero uno spot in any of our design endeavours, we knew that this space had to be more than one that showcased our artistic sensibilities while staying in step with utilitarian goals,” share Principal Designers and co-founders, Esha Pandya Choksi and Aashni Kumar of Mumbai based Studio Flamingo

Nestled amidst the bustle of the maximum city, the designers found a home for their studio, while sharing a workspace with two other independent companies. Offices are often designed to be functional and commercial, Studio Flamingo is a space that contrasts every one of those stereotypes!

We’ve all, at one point or another, joked about how our office is our second home, and while that may be true, why shouldn’t it be a space that actually feels like home? With Studio Flamingo, Choksi and Kumar strive to create a sanctuary, where everyone comes together to dream, explore, achieve and evolve.

A conference room sitting adjacent to an executive office has been separated with a soundproof glass partition to allow for uninterrupted flow of natural light into the space; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Not only does the studio offer leadership and efficient work culture but the design creates room for growth, satisfaction and efficiency. “We are convinced that spaces have the power to impact one’s mood, and thereby teleport you between the portals of your mind,” divulges Choksi.

A carpet Milliken covers the area and the cabin doors are done up in open grained veneer from Classic Veneers; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

The shell of this studio is a layout of open and collaborative workspaces, accentuated by mediascapes and private work zones. A major per cent of the office is drenched in natural light, creating a sense of warmth and improving work moods. 

A standing desk intersected with a decorative light, which is further intersected with a ledge, set against the canvas of a sandstone mosaic wall, is a celebration of geometric expression and functionality in design; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Elements like marble, textured paint, micro concrete, vitrified tiles and more, are married with subtle hues of black, white and grey. A juxtaposition of rustic and unfinished treatments with polished materials is seen, creating an artistic flair and also constructs an optical illusion for the viewer. “What you get to see is a visual treat of well-finished pieces of furniture and decorative lights juxtaposed against unfinished walls and flooring,” shares Kumar.

An executive cabin design, complete with limited edition prints and Stacks of Sheets by Sina. Also seen is an engineered wooden floor from Symphony; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Themes of biophilia have been weaved into the workspaces through indoor plants, in order to create a connection with nature and add a sense of verdure. Biophilic design aims to connect people more closely to nature. Spaces with such design feature natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and more. Not only does this boost positivity, but it also blends beautifully with the overall design intent of the office.

A collaborative area in the office with micro concrete flooring from Kakaji Paints invites you to come together to brainstorm, share and explore. Also seen here is a custom Corian table with a Veneer base by Studio Flamingo; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

“A set of curated materials emulates Studio Flamingo’s statement style, that is, to celebrate chosen architectural details, building materials and a tone on tone colour scheme,” adds Choksi. Every element in the studio echoes throughout and cohesively brings the space together.

Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Another element we absolutely love in the workspace is a custom-designed workstation by Studio Flamingo. The desk highlights utility through a matt black panel monogrammed with Studio Flamingo’s logo slides to the right, behind which are hidden away all electric connections. Once plugged in, the sliding panel can be put back in its place as the gap to the right of the panel allows for efficient wire management. Further, drawers and pockets are carefully constructed on the wall hung part of the desk to allow for stationery and drawings to be tucked away in their allotted homes.

A desk standing on angled legs, being celebrated in a room covered with textured paint, micro-concrete floors admits uninterrupted sunlight; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

Apart from the conventional utility it provides, the desk also partakes in symbolism. Geometry as a form of expression is used to serve as a reminder to the user of her belief each time the desk is opened at the start of a workday, that is, to be tied to her centre and remain consistent and deeply submitted to her vocation, akin to the movement and momentum in the dance form of twirling Sufi dervishes,” adds Kumar.

A modular glass partition from Kubik is seen in this space; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant

While Studio Flamingo features various elements, each of these reflects clean streamlined expressions. Dressed in a minimalist aesthetic, Choski and Kumar weave their design sensibilities into tailoring their workspace and offer a sense of understated luxury, in the end, making you feel at home!

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The open workstation area has been crafted with wooden logs, whose cracks and crevices allow indoor plants a place at the table for a seamless union with nature; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


Details in the reception area; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant


The bathrooms feature sanitry fittings from Vitr and a ceiling mounted faucet from Aquant; Photographs by Suleiman Merchant