A rendezvous of the finest designers in the country, EDIDA India 2022 brings to the limelight the best in design

NOV 3, 2022 | By Ishika Paruthi
Luxury redefined by reD, winner of EDIDA Interior Designer of the Year category
The Alhambra candle holder by EDIDA Tabletop winner Saif Faisal
Toile Indienne, winner of EDIDA Fabric category honours the Indian tradition of telling India's stories through their classic and contemporary wallpaper and fabric designs.
Flooring from the 'Brahmaand' collection by EDIDA Flooring category winner Ashiesh Shah

The Oscars of design, ELLE DECO International Design Awards is back with its 21st edition! Happening in person after two years, EDIDA is a stage where designers bring in an artistic balance between infinite radiation, significant texture and innovative furniture. A showcase of sheer brilliance and craftsmanship in design, this is the place to be if you want to leave a mark in the limitless world of design. 

With EDIDA India 2022 Title Sponsor ICA Italian Wood Finishes, In Association with Sunil Sethi Design Alliance, Strategic Partners Miele, Delta Faucet and Artius, Gifting Partner The Pure Concept Home and Pouring Partner Campo Viejo—this award has stood on the mantels of some of the greatest designers since 2002 and here’s the list of creatives taking it home this year.

EDIDA India Designer of the Year

Ravi Vazirani: This year’s most prestigious title is awarded to the founder of Ravi Vazirani Design Studio. The products from the atelier of Ravi Vazirani are a result of his attempt to engage with craft, push the envelope with sustainability and most importantly, create a range that the studio could engage with.

Ravi Vazirani, EDIDA India 2022 Designer of the Year


Naga Table from Ravi Vazirani of Ravi Vazirani Design Studio

Be it his Lila collection or the Paper Mache series, each of his products rely on skilled artisans to celebrate their uniqueness and wows with its sculptural take.

EDIDA Interior Designer of the Year

Research Enquiry Design – reD: Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Parekh and Maithili Raut of reD believe that maximum versatility can only be achieved when none of their creations can be visually identified as a reD design. Experts in restrained luxury regardless of size, context or budget, they apply a consistent approach to any design problem that they come across in the studio.

Rajiv Parekh, Ekta Parekh and Maithili Raut of reD, winner of EDIDA Interior Designer of the Year


An epitome of reD’s signature style—restrained luxury

EDIDA Sustainable Achievement

Hari Kara: Founder of Bhilight works at an intersection of industrial design and digital fabrication to create this lighting. Made in bio-plastic sourced from renewable resources, these lights are made using the 3D printing process and are made to order. Nature-inspired with a distinct aesthetic appeal – these sustainable lights emanate an intriguing light effect!

EDIDA Sustainable category winner Hari Kara


These nature inspired lights are made in bio-plastic sourced from renewable resources.

EDIDA Bathware

Jai Prakash: The limited edition sink called Quila is adorned with an intricate painting that miniature artist Padmashri Jai Prakash has created exclusively for Kohler. The miniature painting depicts Rajput forts, playful activities of royalty as well as birds and animals frolicking in spring seasons. The paintings, created on 2-dimensional medium were scanned and converted into lithographs and then transformed onto the 3-dimensional ceramic surface of the sink as the artwork was baked into the ceramic base by firing at 800 degrees.

Jai Prakash, winner of the EDIDA Bathware category


The limited-edition sink ‘Quila’ is adorned with an intricate painting that Jai Prakash has created exclusively for Kohler.

EDIDA Bedroom

Jayadev Kesavankutty: The Principal Architect of Stirvi Architects designs the Nestling – Bed Cot for Dtale Modern. He believes that a bed should not only be a place to rest and rejuvenate but also much more! It is a piece of furniture that allows you to do everything you love! Made with intricate brass details and a sculpted headboard, the bed that won him this award comes with a matching nightstand to make a breathtakingly beautiful set for the bedroom.

Jayadev Kesavankutty, winner of EDIDA Bedroom category


Nestling – Bed Cot by Jayadev Kesavankutty for Dtale Modern with intricate brass details and a sculpted headboard

EDIDA Fabrics

Akila Seshasayee and Pankaj Kehr: Based on the motif and structure of palm leaf jain manuscripts that proliferated from the 10th to the 13th centuries, the winning signature fabric is called the Book Of Wisdom, part of the Rose Apple Tree Collection. Made in cotton, the designers’ od Toile Indienne interprets the cosmological diagrams as a contemporary distillation of the abstraction, symbolism and diagrammatic representation in these traditions, created for serene and contemplative spaces.

Akila Seshasayee of Toile Indienne, winner of the EDIDA Fabric category


Pankaj Kehr of Toile Indienne, winner of the EDIDA Fabric category


Rooted in culture and inspired by India’s rich history, Toile Indienne goes deeper than mere decorations

EDIDA Flooring

Ashiesh Shah: Channelling cosmic energy, the Brahmaand collection designed for Jaipur Rugs is an exploration of visual dimensions through gradients and textures. Capturing the mysteries of starlit night skies through its soft silhouettes, these rugs draw inspiration from ancient Indian science and mysticism – a fine concoction of various celestial elements, bringing the universe at your feet!

Ashiesh Shah of Ashiesh Shah Atelier wins the EDIDA Flooring category


The Brahmaand collection draws inspiration from ancient Indian science and mysticism

EDIDA Furniture

Ayush Kasliwal: Founder of Ayush Kasliwal Design Pvt. Ltd. juxtaposes forms and materials for its EDIDA Furniture winning series, FOLD. It draws inspiration from paper geometry and visuals of aeroplanes in the sky, it is a double nod to the modernist architecture of Brazil.

Ayush Kasliwal of Ayush Kasliwal Designs Pvt. Ltd—winner of the EDIDA Furniture category


Ayush Kasliwal offers a fresh twist to traditional crafts, making cutting edge artifacts, accessories, textiles and furniture.

EDIDA Kitchen

Eeshaan Kashyap: Founder of Tablescape by Eeshaan reimagines the familiar and presents a new design into our everyday life with The Modern Matka. Inspired by shapes and forms, Eeshan strives to render culture and heritage relevant to current times and lifestyles.

Eeshaan Kashyap, winner EDIDA Kitchen category


Tablescape by Eeshan Kashyap showcases a timeless matka

EDIDA Lighting

Ashiesh Shah: The Channapatna T Pendant light by Atelier Ashiesh Shah is a celebration of the indigenous toy craft of Karnataka and exudes a warm glow through its globed ends. It is adorned with an elongated and globular off-white Channapatna beads placed alternatively with leather cords connected by brass accent rings, embodying luxury and lending a distinct character to its interior environment.

Ashiesh Shah of Ashiesh Shah Atelier, winner of the EDIDA Lighting category


Channapatna pendant is the celebration of the indigenous toy craft of Karnataka

EDIDA Seating

Ricky Sudey and Vipul Sachdeva: Directors of EITRI craft Ripple bench out of a metal sheet with a minimalistic and edgy design and a refined-repetitive crest. Perfect for any seating, this piece exudes elegance and mystery while masking its intricacy.

Ricky Sudey, winner of the EDIDA Seating category


Vipul Sachdeva, winner of the EDIDA seating category


Ripple bench inspired by the ripple of waves is a perfect balance of shape and sturdiness

EDIDA Student of the Year

Dipti Dhondphale: This National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad student has crafted a distinctive sustainable flat pack lamp called Bellezza. Made of upcycling discarded packaging materials used in transporting goods, the rhythmic form and ambient lighting paves the way to a calm yet lively and happy living space.

Dipti Dhondphale from NID, Ahmedabad wins EDIDA Student of the Year


The rhythmic form and ambient lighting paves way to a calm yet lively living space.

EDIDA Tabletop

Saif Faisal: Designed for Swedish brand KATHA, the founder of Studio SFDW crafts the Alhambra candle holder. Minimal yet essential, it rethinks the century-old disappearing craft of Bidriware and introduces it to a new audience with a contemporary interpretation. The alloy is made of zinc and copper with fine patterns on its surface created using silver or copper stripes.

Saif Faisal, winner of the EDIDA Tabletop category


Alhambra candle holder rethinks the century-old disappearing craft of Bidriware.

EDIDA Wall Coverings and Finishes

Peter D’Ascoli: The Jamavar collection of ceramic tiles designed for FCML is inspired by the famous paisley shawls from India’s legendary Valley of Kashmir. The New York designer with Italian roots has captured the intricacy and enigma of embroidered fabrics from the 18th and 19th centuries. The screen-printed and sand-blasted tiles with a fabric-like twill effect are available in black, natural, and shahtoosh.

Peter D’Ascoli, winner of the EDIDA Wall Coverings and Finishes category


Peter D’Ascoli captures the intricacy of embroidered fabrics of Mughal courts from 18th and 19th centuries

EDIDA Young Talent

Aku Zeliang: Creative Director of Cane Concept—parent company of Urra, this Nagaland-based design studio is committed to an amalgam of traditional skills and materials in all their work. A reminder of the rich heritage, he collaborates with indigenous crafts people to create artefacts.

EDIDA Young Talent winner Aku Zeliang of Cane Concept


Urra Design and Cane Concept by Aku Zeliang consider art to be a national treasure to be cherished