8 colourful bathrooms to shower your life with some eclectic hues

MAY 29, 2024 | By Akshita Maheshwari
By Aditi Sharma Design Studio; Photograph by Ishita Sitwala
By Sona Reddy Studio; Photograph by Pankaj Anand
By RB House of Design; Photograph by Yadnyesh Joshi

Summer has finally come into its own — long, glinting days filled with mangoes and rainbow-hued cassatas, gleaming blues of pools under scintillating orange suns and blue denim paired with shades of bright hues. The season brings with it a mood for a makeover. Here is some bathroom design inspiration for your makeover plans!

Bathrooms are easy to overlook, often left to its monochrome best. But t’is the season to let loose, to try a new tint and spruce up your spaces. ELLE DECOR India curates a selection of 8 colourful bathrooms that inspire you to play and pause!

Pinch of pink by Aditi Sharma Design Studio

This bathroom is a refreshing mosaic of pinks. A look at this bathroom feels like stepping into a 50’s American diner. The designer Aditi Sharma, principal architect of her eponymous firm Aditi Sharma Design Studio, balances all the softness of the pink and white with the black of the cabinet. Filled with an air of freshness, this bathroom is the perfect way to start your morning routine, apt for those cold summer showers.

colourful bathrooms
By Aditi Sharma Design Studio; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Gilded in Greek by Amoeba Design

Who doesn’t love holidaying in an international destination? Well, Greece can be a little too hot during the summers, so designers Satyajeet Patwardhan and Pashmin Shah, principal architects at Amoeba Design, decided to bring it home. This bathroom, with its blue and white colour combination, immediately reminds one of the hues of Mykonos — a more toned-down, serene rendition perhaps. The cement finish and a subdued blue will instantly bring zen to anyone who steps in, a much-needed sentiment during this season.

colourful bathrooms
By Amoeba Design; Photograph by Fabien Charuau

The magic of mint by Josmo and The Architecture Company

A mint chocolate chip ice cream lover’s wonderland designed in collaboration by Anjali Mody of Josmo and The Architecture Company (TAC), this bathroom is drenched in the most charming mint pastel green. Lacquered tiles add a glossy touch to this already-popping bathroom. Boho elements brought in by the jute-beiges and palm tree wallpaper add to the overall charm of the bathroom design. All in all, the bathroom is a feast for the eyes — a mint-flavoured one at that.

colourful bathrooms
By Josmo Studio and The Architecture Company (TAC); Photograph by Pankaj Anand

Ocean-of-a-kind by Kavan Shah Design Studio 

The ocean is a tango of colours, each colour prettier than the one before but all complementing each other, only to come together in the most serene of symphonies. Well, this bathroom certainly reminds one of the ocean, with its magical blue complemented perfectly by the green of the plants, all thought out by Kavan Shah, principal architect at his eponymous architecture firm, Kavan Shah Design Studio. A shower in this bathroom might just give you the feel of deep-sea diving.

colourful bathrooms
By Kavan Shah Design Studio; Photograph by Kuber Shah

A teal tranquillity by MuseLAB

If the previous bathroom was a tango of green and blue, this one’s a marriage. Designed by Jasem Pirani and Huzefa Rangwala, principal architects at MuseLAB, this bathroom is drenched in teal, posing as the perfect set-up for long, therapeutic showers. The colours of the bathroom are soothing and easy on the eyes. The addition of black gives a modern, industrial edge to the room, perfectly balancing the softness of the blue. 

colourful bathrooms
By MuseLAB; Photograph by Ishita Sitwala

Lavender haze by RB House of Design

Lilac may not be an obvious choice for a bathroom, but designer Rohit Bhoite, principal architect and founder of Rohit Bhoite House of Design also known as RB House of Design, opted to use the alluring pastel hue nonetheless. It adds a bright, peppy and fresh touch to an otherwise simple bathroom. The lilac wall work almost looks like huge candy bars stuck on the wall. The most enchanting spot for your nightly skincare routine, the soft colours of lavender and lilac paired with the floral wallpaper soothe the eyes after a long day.

colourful bathrooms
By RB House of Design; Photograph by Yadnyesh Joshi

The elegance of emerald by Sona Reddy

Designer Sona Reddy, principal architect at her eponymous firm Sona Reddy Studio takes colour to a whole new level with this bathroom. Smothered in rich jewel tones of emerald, this bathroom is for those who have an eye for opulence and drama. The depth of the green adds a certain sense of luxury, which also perfectly matches the blacks and the golds of the space, further enhancing the rich look. The horse showpiece is definitely a standout — a unique piece in a unique bathroom.

colourful bathrooms
By Sona Reddy Studio; Photograph by Pankaj Anand

Vintage vignettes by Vianaar

Old-time charm combined with the warmth of sunflower dreams, this bathroom — designed by Varun and Naina Nagpal, principal architects at Vianaar — will wrap itself around you like a cosy summer day. The stone is rugged yet elegant at the same time, bringing an earthy feel to the bathroom. The flowers, the colours, the textures  — every element in the space is a nod to biophilic architecture. 

colourful bathrooms
By Vianaar; Photograph by Fabien Charuau from Studio Charuau

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