#EDWOWFind: Flat-packed models that double up as festive decoratives

JUL 27, 2016 | By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
The 26 models are available for purchase for all most festivals around the year. The products are proudly manufactured in India under strict quality guidelines. Cultmode was incepted as an experiment to design out-of-the-box festival gifts. The intuitive joinery system allows you to assemble the pieces without tools or adhesive. You can simply place a model on your desk or table to capture the spirit of a festival. The brand has defined the assembly level of the models as Easy, Medium and Hard. Designed on the DIY concept, they are perfect for kids and adults who love craft.
More often than not toys are confined to selves, cupboards and bureaus for being too tacky, flimsy or just too plasticy, reducing the charm of a space. But Cultmode gives toys a good name, boasting culture-rich shapes, creative patterns and luxe materials that will convince parents to use them as decoratives too.
Designed on the DIY concept, the brand presents a series of miniature figurines / toys / models for kids and adults who love all things crafts. “Model parts are flat-packed in a frame with assembly instructions. You can simply snap out all the pieces from its frame and assemble them together to its final form without any tools or adhesive,” says Rahul Spall, the founder.
With over 26 products in this range, its parts are made of medium density fibre board and painted in delightful colour compositions depicting Lord Ganesh, Bal Gopal Krishna, Ma Durga, Diyas, Rath Yatra, Easter, Baisakhi etc.
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