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#EDWOWFind: Custom trunks from Trunks Company, Jaipur that do more than store

NOV 13, 2015 | By Tasneem Merchant

In the old days, when the only mode of long distance travel was the ship, people carried their precious possessions in sturdy chests that would endure the harshest conditions. As time passed, travel also advanced, so did the way we pack. Our luggage became compact and lightweight and there was no use of solid and heavy trunks anymore.
Founded by brothers Priyank and Paritosh Mehta with French designer Livio Delesgues, Trunks Company, Jaipur upholds the legacy of trunks. Revisiting the purpose of this archaic artefact, they gave it a new lease of life in several avatars. A Bar Trunk to cherish your priced malts, Poker Trunk to entertain guests and a Music Trunk complete with an iPod dock and woofers to churn out your favourite tunes.
Customised to every need – they have one to treasure watches, another to store bags and shoes, another for just turbans! – they come in all shapes and sizes. “Trunks are challenging. It takes 600 hours to make a medium sized trunk and sometimes more than 1,000 hours on a particular piece. It’s like art,” says Paritosh.
Made from the finest leather, the statement pieces invoke the rich cultural heritage of the Pink City. Each one is lined in vividly hued suede. “What really represents the essence of Jaipur is the colour, the brightness the fact that people are not scared to wear bright pink or red or yellow. Our logo, the lock we use, is also inspired by the jali work seen in palaces,” adds Livio. The only such company in India, they guarantee to give you a piece that you will treasure for generations.