EDIDA winner Cristina Celestino, founder of Attico Design, reinvents the historic Caffè Concerto Cucchi in Milan

NOV 11, 2019 | By Aneesha Bhadri

Imagine a space frequented by the best creative minds of a generation, gathering for a coffee, small bites and decadent pastries. That’s the kind of patronage Caffè Concerto enjoyed. Founded in 1936, the eatery offered drinks, nibbles and sweet treats to the tunes of a Spanish ensemble that played the latest dance music from America. The confectionery—also known as Pasticceria Cucchi after its founders Luigi and Vittorina Cucchi—has been an iconic Milanese landmark for decades. For its new avatar, Italian architect and designer Cristina Celestino reimagined it as an urban oasis replete with eclectic references that draw from the historic café chantant, the delicate artistry of pastry making. The interior features curated pieces, which embrace the traditional setting of the shop, and a fresh look for everything from carpeting to packaging. The Tea Room, which is the heart of the space, houses an impressive palm tree lit by pod like, blown glass lamps. The Oasi silk wallcovering from Misha in the backdrop combines embroidery and metallic surfaces, while the tops of the Canditi tables in the outdoor area are made with precious inlays of multihued marble. Modern interventions, with a touch of surrealism, elevate the classic Milanese allure of the pastry shop.