#EDEarthHero: Top 3 green gadgets to reduce your carbon footprint

APR 21, 2016 | By Tasneem Merchant
On your next camping trip, don’t get marooned in the wilderness. These portable devices that run on clean, renewable energy are just the things that will keep you connected with the outside world.
1. Solar charger by Yolk
The Seoul and Chicago based company created, what is touted as the world’s lightest solar charger. As thin as paper, it is easy to carry and can be expanded by adding more magnetic panels.
2. Power-Lite torch by BioLite
This is a multifunctional tool fuelled by solar energy. It triples up as a lamp, torch and energy bank and is convenient to carry too. It has enough juice to charge three phones and comes equipped with a USB port, making it the perfect companion on dark camping nights.
3. Salt Lamp
Engineer and Greenpeace activist Aisa Mijeno invented the Sustainable Alternative Lighting lamp after spending time with Filipino tribes who don’t have access to electricity. It glows for eight hours when filled with one glass of salty water. The best part? It can even charge phones via a USB cable.
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