#EDEarthHero: 4 recycled pendants to hang out with

SEP 19, 2015 | By Jaina Chandwany
1. Paperlain by Ahsayane Studio 3. LaFlor by Nutcreatives 2. Upcycle by Benjamin Spoth 4. Mycelium by Ecovative Design

From scrap to sensational – suspend these treasures made from discarded and unused materials in your office or living spaces. Go on, light up the path to a better planet.1. Paperlain Designed by London based Ahsayane Studio, this lamp was crafted out of paper, ceramic and porcelain, wrapped on to cylindrical shaped then dried using traditional firing and ceramic glazing techniques.Website: 2. Upcycle German artist Benjamin Spoth crafted the basket weave Upcycle pendant light from discarded birchwood. Website:  Photograph courtesy Wisse Trooster3. LaFlorEnvisioned by Nutcreatives for Spanish brand Lucirmas, this pendant was basically made out of copper plates and rehashed win bottles. Website:  Photograph courtesy Victor Max Photos4. Mycelium lamp This fixture was made using a material formed by blending agricultural waste and mycelium (mushroom roots), invented by New York firm Ecovative Design.Website: Also read: This French artist makes vintage furniture from cardboard