#EDDesignerFind: Rooshad Shroff’s Tessellations series for Cocoon Fine Rugs

APR 12, 2016 | By Aditi Gaitonde
Renowned Dutch graphic artist MC Escher would be proud. Architect and multi-disciplinary designer Rooshad Shroff took a method popularised by him and adopted it as his own.For his first collaboration with leading carpet label Cocoon Fine Rugs, the creative envisioned a series of seven handmade floor carpets in vivid hues that instantly mesmerise.
Talking about the inspiration behind his work, Mumbai based Rooshad explained, “There were a couple of influences that went into this, including heritage flooring from around the world with geometric as well as Moorish and Islamic patterns. I took simple shapes like an octagon or a star and morphed and merged these into each other using different transformations. It was a very graphic exercise.” Serendipitously, he had begun working on his series a few months before even meeting Cocoon Fine Rugs’ Managing Director, Ayush Choudhary.
Website: www.rooshads.wix.com/rooshadshroff; www.cocooncarpets.com
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