#ED loves the balanced elements of work and play in the modern Office Luxuria by Shobhan Kothari of KDND Studio

JUN 24, 2021 | By Jayasmita Ray
The waiting lounge is anchored with a green wall that runs along its entire length. Behind the wall are the back of house facilities like office spaces and pantry; Photographs by Photographix
The capsule concierge desk in fluted marble strips, twin lounge chairs and hanging chandelier are the backdrops to the reception area; Photographs by Photographix
Biophilic design is incorporated with use of greens with the furniture pieces to heighten the wellness experience and create a space filled with purpose and clarity; Photographs by Photographix
The intimate lounges created give a sense of luxury and comfort much like a home. Its pastel shades display walls with images of the suburban life and hanging light over the seating make for a comfortable business setting; Photographs by Photographix
The green wall integrated into the design creates a sense of wellness for the visitor. The rectilinear ceiling of various scale and sizes renders an exciting visual emanating the skylight impression. The intent to bring the comfort of nature close to the inhabitants is refined by luxury; Photographs by Photographix
Serene muted undertones and cool shades in the upholstery highlights every lounge with a distinct flavour of luxury in comfort; Photographs by Photographix
Stylised lounges are created as a composition of elements with enhanced graphical accessories; Photographs by Photographix
The central gallery is dedicated to the model display. The rectilinear ceiling imitating the skylight as an experience continues in this space; Photographs by Photographix
Strong graphics and pastel shades in upholstery are complimented with minimalistic display shelves to create a perfect lounge environment; Photographs by Photographix

With a focus on interaction and incorporating the outdoors into the workspace, Shobhan Kothari of KDND Studio creates this luxurious sales office with modern elements woven by the theme of the suburban environment. The stunning interiors merged with lush plants ensure to boost productivity.

Office Luxuria, launched by Lodha is spread over 12,000 sq ft in New Bombay and has been designed with an understated sense of luxury and elegance. The simplicity of the clean lines and crisp detailing complement each other creating a modern aesthetic to the space. 

The space circulation and people interaction have served as critical factors while designing the dual function areas that connect the sales gallery and community hall. “The design needed interventions where the two separate functions could co-exist with minimal changes at a later date,” says Kothari.

Designed for luxury and comfort, the lounge cabins are dotted in modish furniture and an alluring artwork; Photographs by Photographix

Muted undertones of beige with subtle shades of cool colours infuse the material palette cognizant of the dual function of the space. KDND studio strongly believes in catering to the program with a clarified purpose, building spaces that exude exactitude bonded together by a strong design theme. 

A large fluted swing door with its twig impression handle swings opens into a concierge lobby; Photographs by Photographix

Greeted by the entrance canopy, a large fluted door with its twig impression handle swings open into a concierge lobby defined with two lounge chairs. The capsule concierge desk placed angularly ensures for the individual to be directed into the main waiting lobby with spaces defined to accommodate a larger crowd on a busy day.

Metal accents, undertones of beige and pops of blush pink with strong graphics bedeck the cognizant spaces; Photographs by Photographix

Anchored with a green wall running its full length, the space is equipped with office spaces and a pantry allowing developer representatives and customer interaction. Defined in the centre with cabins in the perimeter, we are led to the gallery space holding prototypes of different scales, all belonging to the project which is being launched. 

The individual cabins have been given a distinct flavour with subtle shades of cool colours, keeping in mind the factor of luxury and creating a sense of comfort; Photographs by Photographix

Rectilinear boxes juxtapose together to form an exciting visual on the ceiling. An intimate lounge area provides a comfortable space for further discussions about projects. Individual cabins have been given a distinct flavour keeping in mind the factor of luxury and creating a sense of comfort, the lawn attached to the structure is a breakout zone.

A peek into the muted cabin area that’s embellished in wooden panelling and hints of blue hue; Photographs by Photographix

Biophilic design involves incorporating greens into the spaces and has been proven to improve the working environment and increase wellness in the people working there. This has been done with the use of green walls, pots and plants being incorporated into the design. 

We adore the fabulous accent colours in the furnishing with decorative pillows and wooden boarded panelling! Black and white artwork ideas that include real-time captures of suburban life and nature are blended in the bespoke office.