Duravit turns 200 with timeless designs

SEP 14, 2017 | By Reecha Kulkarni
L-R: The DuraSquare by Duravit is a striking collection of bathroom furniture; Starck 1, the product of Philippe Starck and Duravit.

Designers like Philippe Starck and Dieter Sieger create your dream bathroom when you pick from Duravit’s series. The designer brand turned two centuries old this year, taking us through a major Throwback Thursday.

Launching their Giamo range with the advertising campaign “Design conquers the bathroom” in the mid-1980s was only the first step. Their persistent philosophy created a reputable designer network, with timeless designs. Some of their unique collections featured the floating Nahho bathtub by the trio at EOOS, and the 2nd Floor by Sieger that integrated living spaces with bathrooms.

They also introduced their latest collaboration with Danish designer Cecilie Manz – an elegant series of freestanding bathtubs, minimalist basins and furniture called Luv that proves their modern innovativeness in the face of experience.

Duravit celebrated their 200th anniversary at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, with their renowned collaborators and CEO Frank Richter, who continues to “see (themselves) as interior designers for bathrooms.”


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