Dtale Decor spruces an exquisite villa in Kerala that impresses with its fashionable and fabulous style

SEP 14, 2020 | By Jhanvi Somaya
The dining area is an elongated space with a marble table and wooden chairs with green cushioning to add colour to the space
The intricate mirror on the right side reflects the dining space giving it a larger look within the home
The staircases are well lit along with steel rods to provide support and give it a natural and sophisticated look
The dining room is well lit with three spotlights on the dining table and an elaborate mesh lighting right above the centre of the dining table
Intricate details on the ceiling are noticed, as well as a yellow wall to match the artefact behind the headboard and add a pop of colour to the room
The second room is designed with diagonal rods across the bed and a deep red wall which serves as a backdrop to a wooden desk with a mirror that reflects the room
The bedroom features a transparent, glass sliding closet along with a coffee table and two beige chairs in front of the bed with a small study corner near the wardrobe
This bedroom is left simple with grey walls and a simple artefact above the headboard and two wooden sidetables
With its panelled windows, the room allows for an abundance of natural light as well
This room features a private balcony which allows for both indoor and outdoor seating within the bedroom itself
The long study table, looks over the outdoors through a sliding glass door
The kitchen is extremely user friendly with an island with high stools which could serve as a breakfast table along with cabinets for storage of utensils and other kitchenware

Sprawled over nearly 6,400 sq ft of area, the Aangan Retreat in Kannur, Kerala references its idyllic location with an exquisite yet surreal design language. Styled by interior design practice Dtale Decor, the property uses premium materials and textures to give way to an aesthetic that is both elegant and relaxed.

The living room has a uniform look with low seating options in muted tones like beige, subtle grey alongside two light green couches to break free from the subtle colours

A wood panelled door and an opulent chandelier lead the way inside as glass windows overlook the verdant lawns. The flooring sees an assortment of mediums including wood, silver portoro and travertine marble—each bringing a unique character to the space.

The living room also allows for an abundance of natural light through the blinds and white washed walls within the living area

We love how the creatives have used a variety of wooden shades and cement finishes for an intimate ambiance. Adding a pop of colour and vibrance to these regal, muted surfaces are artisan-crafted fuchsia pink and slate blue consoles, while a hand finished gilded mirror adds to the villa’s grandeur. Low lying furniture and dark toned materials ensure warmth throughout the property. 

A detailed gold mirror reflects the dining space and the staircase to give it an illusion of a bigger space

Further beyond, a seemingly sculptural staircase is a sight to behold. The designers chose to encase this floating structure with steel rods, so as to provide support and have daylight illuminate it.

The lounge area is made to be relaxing with bright red throw pillows a large ombré vase and blinds that allow for natural light into the space

In the latter part of the retreat, vintage furniture including an aquamarine patina pendant lamp and teak accent armchairs further enhance the rustic appeal of the decor. With a fusion of modern, sleek and minimalistic architecture and stylish interiors, this retreat outdoes itself as a design oasis.