Dreamy Prints: Turn monotone walls into statement partitions

AUG 28, 2015 | By Tasneem Merchant

The walls may have ears, you say, but you can give them a personality too. For your bedroom, instead of the routine single shaded walls, why not add printed partitions that reflect your taste for the finer things in life? We’re inspired by what interior designer Kunal Shah did with these two bedrooms for a Mumbai home. If you like the retro or vintage inspired look to your boudoir, go for complementing paisley, checkered or chevron surfaces.Alternately, for a contemporary looking boudoir, you can paint stripes of varying colours. A light wood bed with a jali patterned partition can work really well. If stripes aren’t your thing, experiment with a smattering of polka dots in myriad hues over a solid wall. For instance, paint the base a uniform yellow. Over it, create polka dots of various shades such as white, blue, and green and even red and orange. Use chalk paint for the circles to allow your little one to scribble away freely. Of course, you can either get them painted or choose wallpapers and save time! A slightly embossed design will add another dimension of texture to your room.