Dreaming in colour: Jotun reveals their CANVAS collection in a Brutalist heritage monument designed by Le Corbusier

APR 15, 2024 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
Patches of paint from the Canvas Collection; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints
Monochrome shades displayed for viewing; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints
The green of the plants complements the green paint displayed; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints

Why did Jotun Paints choose the Brutalist backdrop of Le Corbusier’s Atma House in Ahmedabad to present their CANVAS collection? Walking up the iconic ramp and witnessing the subtle shades stand out against the austere walls, their bold intention is clear as day. The Norwegian brand unveils a 23-colour palette inspired by the global shift towards tranquillity in the aftermath of pandemic-fuelled standstill. In ELLE DECOR India’s tete-e-tete with Rana Khadra, Regional Colour and Communications Manager of the Middle East, India and Africa, she maps the journey of the collection.

Jotun Paints
Cues from India’s urban culture reflected in the colours; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints

“In order to trend forecast, whether fashion, design and in turn colour, they all apply the same rule and it’s to watch human behaviour and to understand human beings and the way they live,” states Rana, before continuing, “Currently, if you notice, you will be seeing a lot more vibrant colours, a lot more happy colours and a lot more colours together. And I think it has a lot to do with the fact that we went through a pandemic. We went from muted, monochromatic, to bright, vibrant, expressionist, pattern-on-pattern, fun stuff. People wanted to let loose, release and express a lot more.” 

Jotun Paints
The green of the plants complements the green shades displayed; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints


The greys and the iconic stairs bring a modern and industrial look; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints

How does this translate into their curation of the serene shades? Rana breaks down the process, “We don’t just adopt trends as they are, because we are after all a paint company. So what works for fashion or what works for furniture, doesn’t necessarily apply to a wall. You have to imagine a home where the walls are the largest surface area in any space. You can have vibrant colours, but not all colours are vibrant. So you have colours that are more calming, for example, in the bedroom if you want to sleep.”

Jotun Paints
A pop of colour awaits viewers at the entrance; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints


Monochrome shades from the collection; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints

Behind the creativity, is an intense scientific exploration, touching on subjects from psychology to colour theory to chemistry. Mr Ashish Nimbark Sales & Marketing Director – Decorative, Jotun  said, “Colours play a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance and mood of one’s personal space. At Jotun, we understand this significance and strive to offer a palette of hues that resonate with individual preferences and nuances. Through our extensive research and development, we aim to not only influence but also enhance the choices individuals make in colour selection, enabling them to create environments that truly reflect their unique personalities and lifestyles.”

Modern and minimalistic colours that offer a cohesive allure; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints


Calming colours of the Canvas Collection; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints

Taking cues from the country’s culture, the set design by Oslo creative studio Kråkvik & D’Orazio fuses Scandinavian minimalism with elements from the Indian subcontinent: their Indi Pink finding its echo in a garland procured by Rana on her morning bazaar visit and the Pistachio shade matching a fresh Tender coconut.

Jotun Paints
The process of paint-making is celebrated; Photography courtesy Jotun Paints

But what does the idea of luxury mean to the Lebanese creative? “Luxury is comfort,” she answers in an instant. And how does she conceptualise colours for a dwelling? “In general, I consider light entering a space. I always think of a human being living in that space.” What a Corbusian thought! At the heart of the European brand are their “Penguin values” – loyalty, care, respect and boldness. Outside, as the sun sets, the once avant-garde brises-soleil, glow from the inside with Jotun’s vivacious colours, contrasted against the purity of the primary shades and the sombre béton brut

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