DIY: Create a black, white and yellow workspace in your bedroom

JUL 29, 2016 | By Nishita Fiji
Build a neat and vibrant workstation in the comfort of your bedroom, using vibrant shades of black, white and yellow
Photographs courtesy Chetan Rana, styling by Khushboo Parekh. Tie up the rest of your room with the same colour scheme for a cohesive, cozy home office.
There’s no need to make trips to distant libraries or coffee shops to raise your productivity levels. Carve a smart workstation in the comfort of your bedroom that subtly segregates your personal life from your professional one. We suggest a pulsating palette of black, white and yellow – it is bound to keep the area vibrant and energetic. Here are three ideas to inspire you to create a stylish yet functional space:
1. Doodle away: You don’t need to be an acclaimed artist to show off your drawing skills. Illustrate by hand on surfaces including blackboards and inspiration wall panels to liven up the room. You could also make your own decals to decorate walls and other items. An easy way to do this is to shortlist a playful pattern and print it on white vinyl paper. Next cut out the desired shape, peel off the back of the sheet and stick the decal to your object of choice.
2. Let go of strict proportions: Opt for an asymmetrical bookshelf instead of a conventional one. This will enable you to store volumes of different sizes, all in the same place.
3. Personal touches: Create customised bunting to hang above your desk in eclectic prints and designs. Another sublime way to reflect a tailored look is by making a string photograph wall art. Simply, drill screws on a wall in a zigzag fashion and wrap wire or string around it firmly. Now use clothespins to anchor a series of monochromatic pictures.
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