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DIY and home decor blogger Jodi Bond transforms a dark, dingy 1986 colonial style home into a colourful boho-chic dwelling

AUG 5, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri
(L-R) Black accent wall, texture in weavings, vintage throw pillows and lots of textiles creates a welcoming retreat to the master bedroom ; The living room features whitewashed walls with pops of colour to break the monotony of the space ; In the Bonus room, the green sofa and white centerpieces are from Bassett furniture, and the light is from MyMitzi ; The oversized pink Midcentury sofa rests against the backdrop of hand painted terrazzo walls ; The kitchen upholds the feminine vibe with open shelves, accents of wood and blush pink

“When we moved into our House On A Sugar Hill, the home was as dated as could be. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing had been updated from the 1986 colonial-style residence nestled amidst rolling hills, mature trees and winding roads in Atlanta, Georgia. If you can, picture walls closing in on dark interiors, high-pile dusty carpet, low hanging popcorn ceiling. Certainly, one of the dingiest homes I had been in!” exclaims Jodi Bond, blogger and home decor DIY influencer for her inspired Instagram following.

The stay-at-home mom of four—took it upon herself to transform the 2,300 sq ft humble abode into a vivid boho-chic home. We step into her creative cave…The daunting process of a home remodel can be laboriously time-consuming. “We were determined to fix the house up all on our own, and five years later we are just about finished,” says Jodi. These days, the interior of the home is barely recognizable. The dark and dingy spaces have been traded for white-washed walls accentuated by pops of bold colours throughout. “I wanted the design to have a feminine Paris apartment feel, with modern lines, bold colour choices, yet grounded with neutrals,” says Jodi.

A mix of old and contemporary furnishings, pastels and bold hues, brings life to the home—making it a perfect place to raise a family, entertain friends, or even unwind. The first room to go under the knife was the kitchen. Jodi eliminated the existing cabinetry with open shelves and ornamented the walls with ceiling-high subway tiles. Accents of wood and blush pinks were added to the muted white and grey room for a modern and feminine vibe.

As you enter the living room, it is almost impossible to miss the oversized pink Midcentury couch, “Clearly the star of the living room,” declares Jodi. A thrifted find, the salmon pink couch adds to the feminine theme with its strong, curvy lines, resting against the backdrop of a hand-painted terrazzo wall. The rest of the room remains minimal with abundant greens and textures. This room is anything but boring now.

Our favourite has to be the ‘Bonus Room,’ what Jodi refers to an abandoned attic space, tucked secretly away within the master bedroom. “Quite on accident we created what is probably the most loved area of our home,” she says. The small space is given a major makeover with tropical wallpaper, luxe green velvet sofa, white bunching tables, printed and patterned upholstery, eccentric accents and metallic lightings that compliments her free-spirited design sensibilities. A busy day of work, school and parenting call for a tranquil retreat for the Jodi household.

A brisk tour of the children’s bedrooms, we notice a wide range of design elements inspired by loft space in the city to the warm celestial sky—industrial lighting, celestial wall mural, minimal beds, brick walls, 1970’s vintage and graphic rugs that that highlight their personalities. The master bedroom is dramatically cool in every possible way. “We wanted to create a little bit of drama while retaining the boho feel,” says Jodi. “We anchored the bed with a black accent wall, built around that, using lots of texture in weavings, vintage throw pillows, and lots of textiles to create. The pieces in our room were handpicked by small business owners that we know personally, so the room takes on a lot bigger meaning for us because of that,” she adds.