Diviana curates bespoke, state of the art spaces with their tailored and bespoke interior design services

MAR 25, 2021 | By Urvika Barua

Diviana is among the top interior design firms in Delhi NCR, bringing a portfolio of personalised interior design services to urban and industrial spaces respectively, quality artisanship and aesthetics design sense steered by the philosophy of inventiveness, excellence, and commitment. 

Having had remarkable craftsmanship since 2004, Diviana creates premium designer décor that is handcrafted to precision in their workshop, with intrinsic flaws that characterise these as one-of-a-kind artefacts.

In order to seize the perfect fusion of luxury and functionality, the brand experts integrate a distinctive strategy with innovative advancements and developments. 

The home becomes an extension of your unique individual aesthetic and sensibility as a consequence of these elements. The firm artfully carves every niche into an emblem of impeccable taste and panache, owing to the exquisite insight on a site’s layout as well as its expressive persona.

They intend to cater to every kind of clientele and offer a diverse selection of interior design which are tailor made to satiate the demands of the clients! Their collections range from XLUX collection, Art Deco Collection, Modern Classic Collection, and Modern Collection.

Diviana is renowned for delivering high-end interior services which combine exemplary artistry and innovations with traditional and contemporary architectural elements as influences ensuring spaces are personalised to the T as per individual preferences!