Dhaval Patel breaks rigid office grids and creates a workspace that’s full of character and bonhomie

AUG 17, 2020 | By Jhanvi Somaya
The waiting area features a saffron hued couch from Hanuzzi Atlelier along with greens; Photographs by Photographix
Implementing the idea of transparency throughout the office, translucent glass ensures the office is visually connected. Also seen are greens sourced from Hidden Spaces; Photographs by Photographix
The managing director's desk and the others is cleverly demarcated; Photographs by Photographix
Metallic partitions allow a sense of privacy; Photographs by Photographix
The workspace features cosy meeting rooms for collaborative discussions; Photographs by Photographix
The managing director’s office is decorated with a vibrant painting and a bookshelf; Photographs by Photographix
A view of the spacious main corridor; Photographs by Photographix
An elevated cafe with bar stools adds to the office's vibe; Photographs by Photographix
Translucent glass sliding doors offer a peek into the formal, private workspaces; Photographs by Photographix

“Material married to function” is the motto DPA Design Studio swears by to bring about creative and content-driven ideas for this 750 sq ft office for an event management company. For the project, Dhaval Patel and the design team comprising Riya Dave, Divy Gohil and Shreena Patel spawned the idea of an open office with rustic elements to elaborate on the company’s work culture and improve mobility through easy connectivity while not slacking on style or comfort.

The idea behind the office was not to break walls, rather to remove barriers and encourage teamwork and synchrony through collaboration and organic development of new ideas. “The space is designed with minimum partitions so that it stayed visually connected,” says Patel.

A four-inch raised platform with an accessible cafe at the entrance serves as the waiting area. On the left, visitors immediately get an overview of the office, which is structured around a central movement space with demarcated functions. At one end, the managing director’s cabin is distinguished through the use of wooden narratives to enhance the rustic quotient.

The yellow sunshine graphic by Hidden Spaces emanates motivation, positivity and light throughout the office; Photographs by Photographix

Further inside, pops of grey and yellow are seen across the workplace along with numerous artworks. The workstations are given yellow back-painted, glass tabletops that complement monochromatic sketches and soft lighting. 

Workstations are complete with wooden chairs from Hanuzzi Atelier; Photographs by Photographix

What we love most about this office is the waiting lounge outside the managing director’s office that emanates cheer using a sunshine yellow graphic. The office also accommodates a congenial seating lounge with bright wall-mounted art and cushy sofas.

Pops of colour are prioritised in the small private office. An elongated painting with an inspirational quote follows the uniform look of yellow tabletops throughout the office; Photographs by Photographix

To gracefully implement the ideas of visual connectivity and openness, glass partitions are used to optimise linear space and simultaneously ensure that hierarchy at work is left undisrupted. 

An unsymmetrical painting from Hidden Spaces is mounted above a couch from Hanuzzi Atelier; Photographs by Photographix

A varied material palette is customised through the use of vitrified tiles and wood in the meeting areas to demarcate functional spaces. To successfully integrate the design and style quotient, a bespoke lighting system is also brought in. We love the friendly and optimistic elements this office is effused with.