Curaty and Tao Art Gallery present works by Michal Raz and Viraj Mithani that characterise the boomerang effect

AUG 27, 2019 | By Vedika Nair

Israeli born and London-based visual and graphic painting artist Michal Raz has experienced the Indian culture through her visits and extensive reading. On the contrary, born and based in Mumbai, artist Viraj Mithani has experienced the world outside India through academia. Both these artists meet at a pivotal point incepting the boomerang effect. The boomerang effect is like a ricochet, it holds a feeling of familiarity to it. This feeling hits back faster and closer. Both these artists land on the same theme but from differing experiences. Their work depicts what they learnt about India while not straying from their individual artistic styles. Raz and Mithani are all set to showcase their art at the TAO art gallery in Mumbai.The artwork features a bold colour palette and a subtle layering process. This gives form to a two-dimensional body of work while making sure it holds a sense of fluidity and momentum. Mithani portrays the chronicles of lord Krishna and stories narrated by his grandfather through his art that can be read like leaflets of a book. In contrast, Raz has a different take on her artistic portrayal of India. She chooses to illustrate with semantics while adding a little mystery to her art with hidden meanings and metaphors. Both these artists have presented their understanding of ‘traditional India’ but the question is, how much of the boomerang effect can we fathom?Delving a little deep into the lives of the artists—Michal Raz has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions around the world, in different galleries and museums including Weizmann Institute of Science-Art Gallery, Mane Katz Museum of Contemporary art and more. In addition to her artistic practice, Michal has for many years worked as an art educator and instructor for various institutions, including schools, Bat-Yam Museum of Contemporary art and private art tours companies. Viraj Mithani is an interdisciplinary contemporary artist and educator. His practice floats between painting, print and sculpture. Viraj has exhibited his work in solo and group shows across the world. Selected exhibitions include Clark House in Mumbai, Spudnik Press Cooperative in Chicago, Dalarnas Museum Falun in Sweden, International Competition Lithography Litho – Kielce in Poland, Hammond Museum in New York, Sullivan Galleries and Gene Siskel Film Centre in Chicago.The exhibit will be held at TAO art gallery, Mumbai on 20th September 2019 and will be curated by Sneha Shah and Curaty Ltd. London.