Creating spaces where people can have a life, not just make a living—the WeWork way

MAR 5, 2019 | By Team ELLE DECOR India
WeWork Platina Tower - Common Area
WeWork Platina Tower - Kitchen
Additional amenities
Gurugram - Common Area

WeWork’s agile and thoughtful design language is redefining the way people work. It’s Monday morning and you’re excited to get to work. Sounds outlandish? It really isn’t when your workspace is designed that way. Having evolved into something much more than a leased area, the workspace is now a truly dynamic environment that shapes the whole employee experience. WeWork’s mission is to create a space where you can make a life, not just a living. A place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but become part of a greater ‘we’.

Founded in 2010, their beautiful and intelligently designed workspaces are home to all – be it individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. Built keeping the interest of the community at its core, their gorgeous interiors, stocked pantries, and cosy nooks all contribute to creating a contemporary work experience. Unique common areas such as terraces, brainstorming rooms, and phone booths are responsive to the mobile, creative, and entrepreneurial workforce of today. The brand’s collaborative and inviting shared spaces are equipped with the best amenities to ensure you have everything you could possibly need.

The well-balanced design ensures that members feel at home, no matter which WeWork they are in. The dynamic environment nurtures collaboration and enables companies to grow together—in the local communities of each building, and in the global community of the Member Network. CEO’s bond over coffee, employees come in early for yoga on the rooftop, and members in Berlin collaborate on projects with members in Bangalore. The possibilities are truly limitless!

Their flexible offerings ensure everyone can find a space that works for them. From dedicated desks for individual creators to tailor-made private spaces within for large enterprises, WeWork’s suite of amenities and services are readily accessible. Whether it’s incorporating furniture that evokes the comfort of home or prioritising natural light through the use of glass walls and atriums, WeWork is evolving the workspace into an all-round experience. An experience that is helping more and more people do what they love, every day.