Cosy Condo: Style an open plan living room with ease

JAN 11, 2016 | By Jaina Chandwany

Imagine having a breakfast bar, kitchen, library and lounging area all within your cosy condo’s living room. Well, it’s certainly possible – just take space-saving inspiration from this cleverly compact and comfy apartment in Mumbai, home to architects Shefali Balwani and Robert Verrijt of Architecture BRIO.
Begin by charting out the sections with coordinated colours. While tanned oak hues flood the kitchen space, the living area is cast with an array of mixed metal greys as the topto-bottom birchwood ply shelves make a case in stained yellow.
For an airy open plan, it’s best to add a sense of separation with clean lines – the long oak kitchen counter which also doubles up as an extended breakfast bar divides cookroom from the living area. On the other hand, the entire seating arrangement of the living room is played out on a rug denoting clear territories for rest and relaxation.
If you’re looking for a colourful display of your knick-knacks, don’t let space restrict you. A full wall storage unit will display all your precious collectibles while also making room for a  handy makeshift well-stocked library.
To make the space a comfortable lived- in one – add warmth while sticking to modern silhouettes. A contemporary loveseat and coffee table peppered with coordinated pouffes, cushions and an armchair, will spruce up a sophisticated yet friendly space, perfect for endless scrabble marathons.
Tips for an open plan living room1. Work out ingenious ways to save space. For instance, when not required sliding doors can be hidden within pockets in partitions creating a completely seamless space.2. Even when you combine the kitchen and living areas, have the two spatially defined by inducing a shift in the walls.3. Hide storage units and sections that attract clutter behind niches or uniform facades.
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