Corner Comfort: For an instant pop up office

DEC 10, 2015 | By Tasneem Merchant
Create an instant pop up office within the comfort of your home

In times where people have to make do with living in matchbox apartments, creating an office within the residence might be a bit of a space crunch. Bare essentials, a quiet corner and the tools of your trade are all you need to set up a tiny but sufficient office for one.

Place your desk facing an open window, which eliminates adding another light source, akin to textile designer Neeru Kumar’s creative nook. Stash your long desk with all things handy – from threads and swatches to simple stationery and referencing materials. The easy to source brass containers make for innovative organisers to hold trinkets.

Put up a large softboard against the wall to quickly access notes and to-do lists. You can cover the board with a bright hued fabric in orange or yellow to introduce vibrancy.