Timeless and ingenious: Connoisseurs of ICA weave stories of modernity and creativity in these five homes around India

MAY 10, 2022 | By Pratishtha Rana

The journey of a home from the moodboard sketches to the tactility of bricks, concrete and other materials on site is one to look at. When ideas, concepts and strategic planning meets the desire to build spaces that are unique and inviting, that’s where the true meaning of making a home is established. Connoisseurs of ICA treads on a similar design philosophy to make living spaces wholesome where good design shows unmissably.

In its third series now, Connoisseurs of ICA by ICA Pidilite endeavours to draw attention to the finest design and architectural practices in India. 

ICA puts the spotlight on the Indian interior designers and architects who redefine the crux of contemporary living coupled with environmental-friendly methods of building interiors and using decor. This is where factors such as materials, techniques, execution, innovation and sustainability become paramount. 

ELLE DECOR India shares an inside look into five splendid homes around India by five select creatives, who we also accredit as Connoisseurs of ICA.

Anu and Prashant Chauhan of ZERO9

Unveiling ‘Warm White Project’, an elegant abode with three bedrooms and a gorgeous balcony are Anu and Prashant Chauhan of ZERO9, a multifaceted design firm with expertise in interiors and architecture. Unique designer finishes and durability are some factors that make ICA the choicest pick for the duo.


The home lays out a white base palette enhanced with witty splashes of colours. Capacious and airy, the living room enjoys an open layout. Dramatic interior elements add up such as flippable mirror fins that also lend privacy to the dining zone, complete with a premium finish of Finezza PU Clear Matt by ICA. French door and Georgian bars add a beautiful design language to the seating space, while the kitchen flanked with pristine white counter, dado and white back painted glass shutters calls for attention. ⁠

Enter the master bedroom, a cool, pastel green wallpaper and wooden bedback panelling outline the design, while the kid’s bedroom revels in a white base and pale yellow palette set with a refurbished bunkbed. Through the turns of the home, use of Aquabella Matt and Aquabella Natural Touch catches the eye. Another area where good taste shows is the balcony with its ceiling made in faux wood with concealed starry lights and a barbecue counter that tucks into the wall when not in use.

Devika Khosla of The Works Interiors

Devika Khosla of The Works Interiorsreveals her new project ‘Casa K’, a New Delhi home where Indian crafts meet bespoke luxury. Unique designer finishes and a premium look are some factors that make ICA a leading choice for her.


Dotted with modern decor, handcrafted details and clean lines, this home is designed for lovers of art. The living room forms the heart of the house with three functional zones—seating lounge, bar and dining. A neutral colour palette is met with pops of hues while large windows enjoy copious light indoors.An eight-seater dining table in oak wood is finished in cross veneer panelling, paired with warm wood chairs. 

The use of Lucido Polyester High Gloss by ICA shines through the home ensuring good taste shows. A custom SICIS artwork in gold, metallic tones dresses up the space. Laid out as a welcome pitstop is the master bedroom with a beige side table with drawers done up in high gloss finish. We love how every corner is equally aesthetic and curated with a utility purpose in tandem with the homeowners’ everyday routine.

Sonali Sachdeva of SNS Design

Sonali Sachdeva of SNS Design designs a home that thrives on the love for rich details. Dubbed ‘Happy Excellencia G1-502’, her latest project amalgamates her distinguished style with befitting uses of various interior elements. Unique designer finishes and durability are some factors that make ICA a leading choice for her.

Sprawling 13,000 sq ft, the home dwells a family of six who wanted to encompass here a separate space for every activity — work corner, kids room, kitchen and two distinct formal and informal seating zones. The homeowners desired comfort, aesthetics and functionality, A sober but eye-catching palette swathes the home with smart use of Aquabella Naturewood along with Aquabella Matt.

Kitchen being the nexus of the site, a beautiful island kitchen steals the limelight. Here and in the other utility areas of the residence, ICA’s splashes of Finezza PU Clear Matt, Finezza PU Clear Gloss combined with Finezza PU Pigmented Matt complete the space with an exquisite finish. 

Vikram Bhatt of Co.Lab Design Studio

Titled ‘A Timeless Abode’, a premier residence takes shape with creative inputs of Vikram Bhatt of Co.Lab Design Studio, who designed the space perfectly to the T. A wide range of shades and designs that render rich look to a space are some factors that make ICA the foremost choice for him.


Vikram muses that the apartment is crafted as a paradigm of luxury, thought meticulously into an art modern design style. The brief was to fuse the two themes of timelessness and opulence on one canvas.The designer ensured that good taste shows and went on to astutely use touches of Finezza PU Clear Matt and Finezza PU Pigmented Matt. 

The home breathes an air of cosiness coupled with generous hints of contemporary living. In other spaces, Aquabella Matt, Aquabella Natural Touch and Aquabella Naturewood have been used with Creativa Series by ICA to render an exquisite look and mood to the home.

Amit Dodhiawala of Reflecct Design Studio 

Unfurling visuals of his latest project, Amit Dodhiawala of Reflecct Design Studio ⁠presents ‘Bela De Mora’, a home that is serene, functional and modern. Unique designer finishes and a premium look are some factors that make ICA a leading choice for him.⁠


It is a gorgeous three-storey residence with ample spaces and different rooms catering to the homeowners. The simple design demand for the dweller was for something that is distinct yet soothing, which Amit brought to life meticulously. 

A generous use of ICA’s Finezza PU Clear Matt covers the key sections of the abode along with Finezza PU Clear Gloss and Finezza PU Pigmented Matt that complete the interior finishes of the spaces efficiently. So that the good design shows, there are touches of Aquabella Matt and Aquabella Naturewood that cover the living room, dining zone, bedrooms and other areas, with each floor at the home depicting a different setting and design story. ⁠Bespoke and plush, every corner of the home is tailored to mirror the dweller’s personal style and practical needs.