Concrete minimalism and bold metals characterise this bachelor pad in Ukraine by Sergey Makhno Architects

SEP 6, 2019 | By Vedika Nair
The entrance to the bachelor pad is crafted to look like a cave
The living room features navy blue decor with a durable concrete floor
The dining room hosts a dining table restored from a billiard table
The kitchen area features brown and grey tones with minimal decor
The first guest room fuses metal decorated walls and soft upholstery
The first guest room also features a charcoal muted wall with stripy textures
The second guest room embodies suede tones and eye-catching decor elements like the bulrush panel made with ecological materials
The master bedroom exuberates minimalism in a sombre fusion of grey and beige tones—where the ceiling flows into the walls and the bed
The office of the owner embodies shades of black with a collection of books and hosts a ceramic sculpture that says "Peace"
The master bathroom features black accents and hosts a jacuzzi

Crafting a bachelor pad to the absolute satisfaction of its owner is an adventurous task. To keep abreast with the busy lifestyle of an industrious businessman, Sergey Makhno architects have helmed the design of a stylish 3,700 sq ft dwelling that will almost have you living like a millionaire. “The aim was to create a space that would give out the vibe of a luxury hotel in the comfort of a cosy home,” says Sergey Makhno, founder and head of Sergey Makhno Architects.

While everyone settles for ideal and mundane, Sergey Makhno architects created something perfect from imperfection. The bachelor pad exudes a raw and rustic vibe with its monochromatic colour scheme.

The interior, crafted in a true-blue Ukrainian style, fuses Ukrainian traditions and modern design sensibilities. “The main thought behind the design was to create a minimalistic vibe with dominating metal columns and stone walls,” says the designer. Another add-on to this abode is the stunning panoramic view of the Kyiv landscapes.

“First, it seems like you’re in a cave, but the sun in the panoramic windows turns you back to reality,” he says while describing the living room. The room can hold intimate dinners, as well as grand parties, owing to the durable concrete floor “which can withstand any cocktails,” he adds. The transformation of a modest billiard table into a glamorous dining table holds the promise of interesting dinner table conversations.

The second guest room is resplendent in suede tones


The main highlight of the closet with contemporary lighting is a large round mirror


The first guest room features ceramic lamps “Lakuna’s sisters” designed by Sergey Mankho

Tread a few steps into the man cave, we step into the office of the owner that channels dark hues, ceramic elements, replete with a wine cellar. Retreat to the guest room where metallic walls and soft upholstery adorn various spaces within the room.

A complete paradox to the first, the second guest room embodies suede textures and eye catching decor elements like the bulrush panel made with ecological materials. Ultimately, the owner’s den—the master bedroom boasts minimalism in a sombre fusion of grey and beige tones—where the ceiling flows into the walls and the bed. Sergey adds, “Here you are there for yourself. Here, nobody needs to pretend, you can just relax, for example, soaking in your jacuzzi at the height of the bird’s eye.”


Textures come alive in the contrasting textiles seen in this bed chamber


The owner’s office hosts an exclusive wine cellar


A ceramic lady with a metal skin made by Sergey Makhno sits in the living room


The bathroom is a blend of grey hues and black decor with minimal lights