Chef Ranveer Brar’s new eatery defies convention

DEC 16, 2016 | By Aditi Sharma Maheshwari
Who doesn’t love a just-launched eatery? The smell of a new idea, the unruffled staff, the deliciously new decor, where you can, even for just a moment believe you’re transported far, far away from the city’s monotony and hubbub. Inside the familiar and crowded Kamala Mills, Mumbai you don’t expect to encounter corners of quiet. Upon entering TAG’s premises, “have I got the wrong address? Doesn’t matter though, I like it here” are common mental responses you can experience. A large, spacious art gallery opens its doors to unexpecting visitors on the first floor. Beautiful paintings up for sale dot the walls where people can spend time gazing at the immense creations displayed by amateur artists. Next to the staircase leading to the restaurant, is the bar – an ingenious waiting room environment is thus created.
First impression
Uou can cross off the list of repeated decor staples seen in most restaurants – no exposed ceilings, crowded seating or a rustic vibe. Envisioned by Bhupal Ramnathkar of Umbrella Design, this all vegetarian dining dares to be different, and well, wins. TAG, which stands for The Armature Gallery, and the upstairs area called the Gourmart which means Gourmet + Art, fuse beautifully together. Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar spins a fresh gastronomic experience, within a space that reflects new, innovative design ideas.
The interiors
This two level eatery with one floor dedicated to art and the second to artistic food immediately sets itself apart from all other restaurants. “We first made a list of all that we didn’t want for this restaurant – we wanted to create a space that was different from the crowd of all new eateries in the city. I love art and my clients shared the same interest, so the art gallery downstairs made perfect sense,” avers Bhupal. A delicate flooring of stone and cement creates a peaceful tone on the second floor. Patterned concrete walls display some artworks and framed quotations while the wooden shelves housing books fill up the dining space. Acrylic chairs sporting vintage pop art lend vibrancy and the long kitchen counter facing the seating give a relaxed vibe to the place.
The food and service
“We like to flirt with your palette and see how it turns out,” said Ranveer as he introduced courses and courses of tempting dishes for our starved palette. Two things caught our immediate attention – perfect sized helpings and beautiful crockery. As we chomped on a series of cleverly crafted fusion dishes, we knew our hearts were hooked on to two – the all-time-munch worthy Wasabi Edamame Hummus with sweet peas, seasonal beans, red radish, flax seeds and toasted khakra. The second was the soul soothing soup Kale Mushroom Cappuccino with white chocolate truffle froth and porcini dust, along with a cheese puff. Also recommended is the Mock Butter Chicken Ravioli and Palm Heart Biryani. Surprisingly, post the meal, the thought of dessert still didn’t lead to a rigorous headshake, thanks for the lightness of all the food. The Smoked Jackfruit Tarte Tatin with clotted cream and sage infused caramel truly ended our dinner on a sweet note.
ED’s verdict
Everybody craves a change – from the usual meals, cookie cutter restaurant interiors and the extremely loud and incredibly close bars and eateries. For them, TAG can be a regular haunt. On a quiet evening browsing through beautiful art, sipping on a cocktail, enjoying a unique meal can be a comforting option, especially when it comes from the kitchen of a celebrity chef who we’ve seen creating pieces of art on television. Mark this on your calendar – this weekend, treat your eyes and your palette to something new.
Where: Kamala City, Trade View Building, Near Gate 5, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Tel: (022) 24972424
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