Challenging the classics: Lyth Design redefines neutrals within a Mumbai home

APR 17, 2024 | By Chiransha Prasad
Utility meets innovation in the living space decorated with a black couch from Rochebobois alongside a rectangular rug by Cocoon Rugs. A floor lamp by Wriver provides ambient lighting; Styled by Sam Wadekar, Photography by Avesh Gaur
Unencumbered by rigid divisions, the living room spills over and encompasses the dining area, ‘Den’ and kitchen within its customisable confines. The centre table and chairs have been sourced from Wriver; Photography by Avesh Gaur
An abundance of natural daylight permeates the master bedroom, diffused through the wooden jali partition. Touches of wood employed for the flooring, skirting and veneer wall cladding add a touch of warmth against the textured grey wallpaper; Photography by Avesh Gaur

A visually rich, tactile treat enveloped in a wide array of nature-inspired textures awaits within this sumptuously crafted home for three in Mumbai. Lyth Design‘s newest offering, helmed by founder and principal designer Apoorva Shroff, is an earthy mid-century marvel interspersed with vibrant accents that spark joy.

Spanning over 3,500 sq ft, the home poses as a unique amalgamation of the old and the new that is unafraid of shedding its neutral skin to expose colour. Boasting an uninhibited view of the sea on both sides, the all-encompassing design process behind the home faced several challenges— which one proved to be the toughest? “Persuading the man of the house to sacrifice a room to transform it into a closet proved to be the most challenging aspect,” Shroff claims. She unabashedly plays favourites, stating that she adores the walk-in bathroom the most.

The living room features a floor lamp by Wriver, placed alongside a black couch by Rochebobois on a muted rectangular rug by Cocoon Rugs; Styled by Sam Wadekar, Photography by Avesh Gaur


The centre table and chairs by Wriver sit in the middle of the expansive living room, with the rattan partition in the background; Photography by Avesh Gaur

Classic with a twist

The family’s unique wants and needs lay at the core of this innovatively designed space, tailor-made according to their individual desires. A room dedicated to art was one of the primary objectives outlined by the family, delivered through a unique corner solely dedicated to that very purpose. An L-shaped partition in the living room ensures that the vast space present is capable of being pulled apart and secluded or perceived and utilised as a unified entity.

The living room is interconnected with the den, both spaces separated by a rattan partition for privacy; Photography by Avesh Gaur

Expanding upon her vision further, Shroff elaborates, “At the heart of this residence lies the design principle of the dynamic interplay of open and adaptable living spaces. These flexible design components allow homeowners to transform this grand expanse into smaller, more intimate spaces tailored to their desires.” The result? A classic-meets-contemporary love affair, punctuated with texture, colour and innovation.

Raw brick tiles, a leather-finished TV console and wooden flooring redefine the conventional “man cave” as a homage to the organic roots of Mid-Century Modern style. A sofa from Natuzzi poses as the perfect partner for lounging on; Photography by Avesh Gaur

Reinventing the conventional

The sprawling home boasts of a vast living space replete with partitions made of rattan, imbuing it with an old-world charm reminiscent of foregone eras of the past. A cosy wooden corridor leads the way, opening into a vast space comprising the living room, dining area, a space dubbed as the ‘Den’ and the kitchen, separated or included through a sliding glass door as needed. Visually striking earthen vases decorate most tables and countertops, with sprigs of flowers and greenery peeking out. The walls have been decorated with an array of artwork and paintings, some picked out by the matriarch of the family, who is an artist herself.

Lyth Design
A burst of blue above the dining table by Grandeur juxtaposes the neutral furniture pieces in the dining room, with chairs from Poltrona Frau. The fluted brass wrapped around the bar provides additional texture; Photography by Avesh Gaur


Lyth Design
The kitchen by FCML features veneer-finished cabinets alongside a subtle grey countertop, prioritising practicality; Photography by Avesh Gaur

Long, linear lines are juxtaposed against curved edges, utilised in abundance through the furniture. Walking in further, the corridor is flanked by the guest room and the art corner on both sides, further leading inwards toward the master bedroom and a room dedicated to their daughter, who lives abroad. The home enjoys an abundance of natural light, making up for the sun’s absence through environment-friendly LED lighting after sunset. A textured linen wallpaper in neutral tones acts as the backdrop, ideal for experimentation with a variety of elements. Shroff opted for a 15-inch-tall marble skirting spanning across the entire home—the metaphorical bow tying everything together seamlessly.

Lyth Design
Nature reigns supreme within the master bathroom, with an abundance of green marble and plants juxtaposing the warm brown; Photography by Avesh Gaur


Lyth Design
The bathroom is awash with green, incorporated through the elongated marble basin and lush plants framing the floating mirrors suspended above; Photography by Avesh Gaur

Enlivened neutrals

Swathes of terracotta, earthy browns and greys give way to vibrant blues and greens, used sparingly yet effectively across the home. This careful curation spotlights the organic materials utilised, spanning from common choices like wood and stone to unconventional yet striking ones like rattan. Paying homage to the organic roots of mid-century modern style, Shroff sheds predictability by utilising accent pieces— like the turquoise chandelier crowning the dining space— to highlight individual space with a bold stroke of colour. Delving into her vision, Shroff states, “My underlying style is storytelling with quiet sophistication. Integrating the characteristics of the homeowners makes each interior story unique.” 

Lyth Design
Greys dominate the master bedroom, with a touch of warmth provided by the wooden headboard; Photography by Avesh Gaur

The home successfully rings true to Shroff’s design philosophy, wherein she aims to tell a story marked with sophistication that makes itself known subtly. Cohesive yet individualistic, the space dispels boredom and unravels to reveal a thoughtfully curated home— Shroff’s efforts shining through every detail.

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