Chalk Studio styles The Ultima abode with a bespoke interplay of textures and surfaces

SEP 7, 2020 | By Sakshi Rai
The lounge is conceptualised as a relaxing, informal corner of the home; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
Soft blue and salmon pink cushions by Nirmals pair well with the Jaipur Rugs floor covering in the living room. Also seen are a tea setting by Gigi and Chakra, vase and floral arrangements by Adhaata Home, an Ivanka Lumiere table lamp and curtains from Harrisons; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
The living room opens out to a spacious balcony with many potted greens; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
The wooden cabinets in the dining zone hold glassware and decor accents from BoConcept, Home Center, and Gigi and Chakra. On the table are candle stands by Oma Living; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
The lounge leads to a balcony with a hanging wicker swing; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
A sofa set from Wicker Age by Risha Bathla occupies one end of the balcony; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
An opulent chandelier from the White Teak Company increases the grandeur of the setting; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
The interconnected living and dining areas house rounded furniture; Photographs by Jagjit Singh
Numerous flowers and greens bring in vibrance and colour to the home; Photographs by Jagjit Singh

Although this chic residence is located in an apartment complex in Gurugram, its serene and spacious layout leave the congestion and confinement associated with city dwelling far behind. The design conceptualised by Chalk Studio is such that it opens out to clear blue skies and vast expanses of green.

The 2,400 sq ft home, inhabited by a working couple and their parents, has a simple yet elegant decor scheme with straight lines, varied materials and finishes, rounded furniture and wall-mounted contemporary artworks.

“I enjoy working with a neutral palette, adding colour only where contrast is needed. In this project too, most walls, floors and other surfaces are kept muted, so that the accent colours seen in soft furnishings and the paintings get highlighted,” shares Priyanka Singh, founder of Chalk Studio.

A tan sofa from Furniture Republic is seen in the lounge; Photographs by Jagjit Singh

Cushy white seaters, with satin walnut finished oak veneer frames and jute upholstery, are seen in the living room. These are custom crafted by the practice, along with most of the other furniture seen in the home. Matching the sofas are a pair of large ottomans that replace traditional coffee tables, hold accessories and even double up as extra seating options during the many parties hosted by the client.

Overhead shelves offer storage in the wood-cloaked master bedroom; Photographs by Jagjit Singh

Adding a soft vibrance to the otherwise muted space are cushions, a Jaipur Rug carpet and stylish, low-backed pouffes—all in soft blue and salmon pink shades. To further amplify the roomy setting, four mirror panels line a wall in the living area. A round dining table nearby borrows its silhouette from the neighbouring pair of pouffes. It is flanked by two wooden cabinets, one of which stores crockery and the other is for books and artefacts.

Striped pillows from It’s All About Home and Idus bed linen keep with the geometric and elegant theme of the parent’s room; Photographs by Jagjit Singh

The residence features three bedrooms, each clad in a bespoke array of textures and patterns. While the ones for guests and the parents open out to the central living room balcony, the master suite leads into a lounge on one end and a balcony on the other. Each of these breezy alfresco arenas, separated by glass partitions, house numerous plants and are capacious enough for outdoor furniture to rest upon and enjoy the verdant vistas.

The guest bedroom’s minimal palette is seen in the black and white carpet by Jaipur Rugs as well as bed linen from Home Center and Ivanka Lumiere; Photographs by Jagjit Singh

The master bedroom is characterised by its clean, uncluttered aesthetic, realised with extra large side tables and shelves above the study table. Wall sconces are built into the teak veneer panelled wall to facilitate reading without taking up space.

Even the parents chamber is defined by wooden surfaces. Light, solid timber battens make up a striped backdrop and contrast well against the navy blue velvet bed linen. The striped theme continues onto the soft furnishings for the guest bedroom, where a charcoal grey wallpaper with grooves and a matching leather headboard add a soothing appeal.

The lounge is perhaps the most informal and playful arena in the residence with animal cutouts ushering visitors in. Inside, solid and botanical printed blue cushions, matching the deep hue of the wall behind, decorate a tan leather couch from Furniture Republic. Quirky, adjustable bulb lights and a grid of mirrors further enhance this bold setting, which continues outdoors onto a balcony with a swing.