CASA Paradox harks back to imperial mansions with a contemporary touch for this Hyderabad home

JUN 30, 2021 | By Jayasmita Ray
Rectangular living reflects the transitionally contemporary treatment of the spaces in the home, Ravinder Reddy’s fierce sculptural head bedecked in jasmine flowers at the centre, scultures by Satish Gujral, pristine set of 3 chandeliers from Windfall adorn the space; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Custom 22 ft dining table overlooks the hundred and fifty year old olive tree in the courtyard, luxe walls with large panels commissioned from Italy in the dining area; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Magnificent bronze elephant embossed panels commissioned in Italy, furniture and interiors by CASA PARADOX in the living room; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Elegant and formal sculptural pieces adorn every space of the home, chandelier from Windfall; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Exquisite onyx panels which are backlit and a stunning bar, the massive entertainment area in the basement showcase white, black and grey marble with a lot of movement; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Sprawled across 40 ft by 25 ft, the glam entertainment area is decked in marble with movement, onyx panels and a 22 ft long stunning bar; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Tones of greys and off-white with a combination of stone and plaster work in the exterior extensions of the building; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
In the basement with sitting and breakfast space, bespoke red couch, monochrome coffee table and grey marble; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Sitting and breakfast space, plush upholstery lend bolds pops of colour in the glamorous basement with a billiards table; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Suspended Flower Windfall chandelier intricately ties the pastel pink daughter’s area in white and grey palette; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Clad in cool tones, the balanced of the neutral color palette comes from the art and accessories; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Personally curated artefacts, carpets by Raseel Gujral, bespoke furniture charms the unabashedly extravagant home; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Predominantly in white,a softer palette is followed in the public areas of the house, decked in a pastel pink couch, plush white upholstery and glamorous lighting; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Bold bedroom styled in dark tones, tessellated wallpaper and intricate marble-work; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Monochrome bedroom and furniture by CASA PARADOX exudes a story of elegance; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Floral wallpaper, Leblon Delinne Pink Minnie Mouse highlight the monochromatic bathroom with black paneling; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
In the backdrop of the Jewel Staircase Lighting by Windfall, is the spectacular sculpture of a man clad in clocks in tones of copper and gold; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Alabaster back panel with deities, white marble in the open prayer room opens to the terrace overlooking the main garden; Photographs by Ashish Chawla
Dramatic tri-colored marble patterned floor , onyx paneled bronze door in the main entrance; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

In Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills, spread over half an acre, the home by CASA PARADOX is a toast to India’s princely mansions of yore and colonial legacies blended with cutting-edge technology. Stunning pillars in this maximalist home pay homage to the work of Edwin Lutyen while sculptures, installations and other art adorn the spaces. 

“It stays true to its inherent character which is while being Indo colonial, in essence, the spaces in the treatment are transitionally contemporary”, shares designer Raseel Gujral of CASA PARADOX. At the entrance of the grand bi-axial layout across 28,800 square is a spectacular bronze door commissioned in Italy.

A tri-coloured marble patterned floor the main entrance lobby leads to the staircase atrium with triple-height windows, running from the basement to the second floor. With a green wall behind, in the centre is an exquisite Windfall Loop chandelier and a captivating sculpture in the backdrop.

In the backdrop of the Jewel Staircase Lighting by Windfall, is the spectacular sculpture of a man clad in clocks in tones of copper and gold; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

Connected through arches, this extraordinary home with massive corridors on both sides has the lift on its left-hand side and the powder room to its right. Another set of arches takes us to the rectangular living room decked in three extremely intricate and radiant chandeliers commissioned from Windfall for the home.

With 10 ft wide corridors, archways connect the carefully constructed home in tones of greys and off-white; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

Iconic head sculpture by Ravinder Reddy forms the focal point of the living room. This extravagant room also celebrates two 10 ft by 7 ft sculptures commissioned by Satish Gujral and Italian large bronze elephant embossed panels. Welcoming the outdoors inside, the house features personally curated artefacts, carpets and custom furniture from CASA PARADOX. The home office overlooks the lush main garden.

Captivating gaze of Ravinder Reddy’s sculpture is a focal attraction in the living room; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

An unparalleled view of the hundred and fifty year old olive tree in the courtyard fills the senses from the immaculate dining room, with a custom 22 feet dining table. As we walk down the central staircase we arrive at the glamorous basement, an entertainment area adorned in a backlit onyx panel, equipped with a stunning bar, a whole wall as a screen and has an area for billiards, sitting and breakfast space. 

Pastel billiards table, contemporary sculptures and abstract carpets adorn this entertainment space with sitting and breakfast space; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

A 20-seater home theatre allows for perfect movie nights. Tucked away under the stairs, is a large grooming room and home salon. On the first floor, the prayer room with alabaster back panels opens to a large terrace over the porch overlooking the pool and the garden.

Jewel Staircase Lighting from Windfall runs through the pristine home; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

With his/her bathrooms as well as dressing areas, the primary bedroom suite oozes magnificent charm. A burgundy leather sofa in the family room contrasts the neutral grey palette and comes to life from the hand-picked art and accessories. The daughter’s room is decorated in pastel pink continuing the visual language of the home. 

Artworks and sculptures builds the essence of colors in every corner of the home; Photographs by Ashish Chawla

The colour palette stays balanced across the home. Gujral elaborates, “The exteriors are finished in tones of greys and off-white with a combination of stone and plaster work. On the inside it transits between white black and grey as it is balanced and handled differently across different spaces.”

Equipped with rainwater harvesting and solar panels, the home displays immense personality through its curated interiors, art and accessories.“I like to play with big ideas which are more mood awakening and carefully constructed, not confining myself to a theme,” concludes Gujral.  

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Bespoke Windfall lighting radiates opulence in the entrance lobby; Photographs by Ashish Chawla


Pastel pink couch and walls complement the predominantly white décor; Photographs by Ashish Chawla


Classic blue walls, crystal chandelier and black leather seats lend attributes of bygone princely mansions refined with a contemporary touch; Photographs by Ashish Chawla


A harmonious balance of textures like leather and velvet, gold cushions, bronze elephants embossed panels commissioned in Italy in the living room; Photographs by Ashish Chawla


Limited edition Macaw bird in Klein Blue, the matte porcelain is contrasted with golden details; Photographs by Ashish Chawla


Textured walls in the powder room, curated furnishings and interiors from CASA PARADOX; Photographs by Ashish Chawla