Brussels based FAINA gallery by Yakusha Design is akin to an artsy yet cosy ‘home away from home’

AUG 12, 2020 | By Aneesha Bhadri
The living room of the FAINA gallery in Brussels features Toptun armchairs, linen curtains and Syto wall decor; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
Close-up of the Toptun armchairs. Also seen is the Trembita floor decor made of smoked wood with a ceramic top; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
The Ztista round table is seen along with ceramic decor collections Bandura and Kumanec. The staircase on the left leads to the floor above; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
The workstation on the right comprises a bespoke table and Ztista chair; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
The concrete flooring and wood ceiling are the perfect canvas for FAINA's statement pieces; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
A bespoke timber cabinet stands behind the Ztista round table; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
The minimal kitchen includes an inbuilt storage system and a Ztista table; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
(L-R) The wood ceiling offsets the grey tones of the furnishings; A cabinet holds a ceramic vase; A view of the concrete floored passageway; Photographs by Koen Van Damme
(L-R) Ztista chairs flank the table; Detail of the custom timber cabinet; A corner of the living area with the Ztista dining set and soft furnishings; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

A classic neutral palette in a homely setting forms the surprisingly appealing backdrop for statement pieces from FAINA, the Ukrainian minimalist furniture and decor brand. Accents and accessories, both contemporary and quirky, lend a charming contrast to the monochromatic scheme with their rounded contours.

The brand’s founder, Kyiv based architect and designer Victoria Yakusha, specifically selected this two storeyed wooden country house for its non-gallery look to showcase her collection in a home-like setting. She remembers first seeing the cottage’s high ceiling and supporting wooden beams and immediately came up with the concept of “a future residence with a warm and natural interior”. It forms the perfect escape from the bustle of the business centre of Brussels.

This dining area is furnished using the round table Ztista and ceramic decor collections Bandura and Kumanec; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

The almost 2,000 sq ft residential gallery with a private garden is located in Uccle, one of the calmest and greenest municipalities in Brussels. Its ground floor comprises an entrance hall, kitchen, living room, while three bedrooms and two baths occupy the upper level. Alongside the beds and baths, the storey’s use of wooden facade, concrete floor, brick wall and massive windows opens the space out to daylight.

The wood ceiling complements the neutral shades of the furniture, while the Ztista chairs lend contrast; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

“The space had to fit almost the entire FAINA collection of 25 pieces into one interior. We succeeded with this task by combining different textures and colours in one space, avoiding the look and layout of a typical furniture showroom,” says Yakusha.

Toptun armchairs made of felt and wood are seen in the living room; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

The entrance leads directly to a small and minimally furnished kitchen, followed by the expansive living room with a fireplace, dining table, comfy modular sofa, working zone and stairway. Solid wood, ceramic and felt are dominating decor materials, and create the tactile balance between concrete, steel finishes and brick walls.

Seen here are the side table Hryb, the handcrafted, natural sheep wool wall tapestry called Centre, and the Toptun double bed; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

On the lower level, minimalist furniture in neutral beige shades is strewn about. Warm natural light and comfortable sitting places encourage visitors to explore the design exposition, and linger with a glass of wine on a cosy armchair by the fireplace. The master bedroom on the upper level features the double bed Pampukh, Domna armchair and the handcrafted tapestry Centre.

Close-up of the Hryb side table and the bed made using felt; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

In this project, Yakusha maintains design restraint by using only two colours and employing objects of laconic shapes in the true spirit of her studio’s philosophy of live minimalism. Her favourite space is the living room and dining table Ztista—made from recycled materials such as metal, paper, textiles, clay and hay—where she and her team spend evenings and often meet guests. The small courtyard, hidden behind the trees from the street, is another favourite.

A Ztista chair sits in the corner; Photographs by Koen Van Damme

“I really like to use handmade objects in the interiors, where some traditional handicraft techniques are involved, about which you can spend hours telling guests. I believe that in addition to functionality, the design should also have a soul, a certain background, then the interior will be unique. When you combine natural materials, their beauty, diversity and imperfections with traditions of craftsmanship, then you have a live design, where is no space for fakes, arrogance or imitation,” concludes the architect.

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The white brick wall offsets FAINA’s decor accessories; Photographs by Koen Van Damme


This ceramic accessory complements the beige tones seen across the gallery; Photographs by Koen Van Damme


The comfy and curvy Domna chair sits in the chair of this bedroom; Photographs by Koen Van Damme