Bringing a maximalist dream to life are these fabrics from Vaya

FEB 20, 2019 | By Nitija Shastri

Give your upholstery a complete makeover with trendy fabrics from Vaya. Launching their new collection with Jamewar and Meraki collections –avail big, bold, beautiful, inspired fabrics with an impressive array of simplified design. You will find intricately detailed patterns are exploding with passion and creativity.

Meraki joins the forces of raw creativity fused with inspirations of the tropical jungle. What makes a charming and statement collection of fabrics are the large shadows of palms trees, hybrid with eccentric elephant parades and dash strokes of metallic light.

From evenly flowing hombres to tantalizing shines, Meraki invokes vivid imagination respite with beautiful bold outlines to the soft sheen of hand painted brushstrokes. Their natural collection is matched by the supple opulence of the Jamewar collection.

Jamewar melds the style of the intricate weave – popular with the royals aristocrats of the yore. Dim greys and blazing florals, arches to palace landscapes, satin to rustic linen – each fabric in the collection reveals extravagance of Jamewar in the complex and sophisticated detail. The palette stretches from more earthy, delicate colours to striking metallic overlays on more vibrant shades.