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Big Scare: Halloween ideas for the perfect horror show

OCT 28, 2015 | By Aditi Gaitonde

Christine H McConnell is no ordinary woman. And now you’re going to think twice before knocking on her door. The multi-talented, LA based Christine is a photographer, baker, artist, model and stylist with a super soft corner for all things spooky.
But of course Halloween is her favourite time of the year. This time around, she was inspired by the movie Monster House and decided to transform her parents’ home into one! It took her a total of four 12 hour days to complete the fabulous setup – giant eyes and bloody mouthful of pointy teeth, all made from painted foam-core boards.
This Halloween, go all out and morph your house into a horror inducing homestead. To start with, binge watch scary movies like Christine for some inspiration. Step two: Think big. It is all about creating an experience people are unlikely to forget soon. Christine’s example proves that you don’t really need expensive props to make an impact. In fact you can use something as simple as foam board, paint, a little time and some talent to create a spine chilling environment.